August 14, 2020

August in Paris


August means stretches of long, hot days with bright skies, followed by days of heavy air and storms. We're finally at the end of a week-long heatwave and the last two evenings have given us spectacular sound and light shows over the city. 

Tuesday afternoon a photographer captured some incredible photos of lightning striking the Eiffel Tower. I wish I had witnessed that!

Our neighborhood, le 15ème, is mainly residential and always very quiet this time of year, as most of our neighbors have left for the month and the little mom-and-pop places have closed for their annual vacation.

I've ventured into the center of Paris a couple of times, near Notre-Dame and parts of Saint Germain, and both neighborhoods were devoid of the crush of tourists that this month usually sees. It's nice for those of us who have stayed in town, yet it does feel strangely deserted this summer.

Friends have told me how nice the museums are without the crowds, so I plan to take advantage of this peaceful time and go back to the Louvre, the Rodin Museum and possibly the Picasso Museum. 

Paris 15ème


Other than that, we're still mostly staying home.
Several of our friends tested positive for COVID-19, a couple of whom were hospitalized for over a month, which was very scary. Everyone has now recovered, thank heavens! I was quite sick in mid-March and found out in May that I also had the virus. Unfortunately that doesn't mean I can't get it again, so we continue to be extra careful. 

If you're on holiday, I hope you're having a wonderful time. If you're somewhere that has gone back into quarantine, I am thinking of you and hoping that it ends soon. 
Please wear your masks and stay safe, everyone!

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Suzie said...

Sorry to hear you were I’ll, Jennifer but glad you’ve recovered. I’ve followed your blog since the south of France and still enjoy your posts. I also still regularly make your recipe for tomato tart! It’s a real favourite. Take care and stay sake. x

Suzie said...

Please excuse the auto text but I can’t edit! *ill* *safe* 😂

Jennifer said...

Thank you for your nice comment. I hope you and your loved ones are all doing well.
I still make that tomato tart all the time too! Glad you enjoy it! :)

Emm said...

Glad you recovered. Horrible disease!
When I lived in NY, August weekends in town were always lovely because so many people had gone away. It looks as if Paris is discovering that, too. Enjoy the museums.

Jennifer said...

Thank you. It's such a scary thing! :(
The city is busy again, but the lack of tourists is blatantly obvious. It's bizarre, that's for sure. Hope you're staying well!