May 8, 2011

Why Are the French So Rude?

Street in Cassis

The answer is simple:  They Aren't.

Ok, prepare yourselves for a bit of a rant...

I am so over reading message boards where tourists describe their brief time in France and complain endlessly about everything from the lack of ice cubes in their drinks, to the smaller sized beds, to the restaurants that won't serve them dinner at 5:30pm, to the locals who won't "bother" speaking English.

And I hate to have to point fingers here, but it seems like the complaints are mostly written by North Americans and residents of the British Isles.  Maybe other nationalities are complainers as well, but since I can't read Japanese, Swedish or really any other language other than French and English, I don't know what they're saying about the French.

le café

Please let me reiterate;  in my opinion, the French population in general, we're talking about all 66 million of them, are no more rude than residents of other countries of the world. Even when dealing with visitors who don't want or care to respect their unique traditions, customs and way of life.

I mentioned the stereotype of the rude French waiter in a post the other day and almost everyone commented that they had never encountered one.
So I think it is time to squash this stereotype!
What do you think? 

The only reason I started reading those message boards in the first place was to offer help to people planning a visit to or moving to France, so I have nobody to blame but myself. I've decided to stop reading them. Pin It
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