September 17, 2020

Some Exciting Cheese News!


I resisted. Boy did I resist!

The idea of going virtual with cheese "tastings," both during and after the lockdown in France, was completely overwhelming to me and I just didn't know how to make that transition. Several friends offered advice, but I was stubbornly closed to the idea.

Then something changed. 

Part of it was the positive reaction from the guest post I wrote listing my Top Ten French Cheeses for David Lebovitz's fabulous blog. Additionally, Context Travel, who I was about to start doing tours with back in March, asked if I would join them as their online cheese connoisseur.

So, I'll be going live on September 27 with a deep dive into all things cheese-y at From Camembert to Chèvre: An Exploration of French Cheese. Hope to see you there!

Cheese and Cherries

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David L. said...

Great - so happy you are doing this!

Mary said...

Exciting is right! We were to be in France now, but, it's your virtual cheese that will keep me sane until I can taste it in person. Congratulations!

Taste of France said...

I loved that post. Since nobody knows what's in somebody else's mouth (kind of like colors--our retinas react to colors but what really is happening in each brain?), why not have each participant with their cheese and tasting chez eux?
BTW, I finally tasted Brillat-Savarin. OMG. My kid also went nuts for it. My goal: to have a cheese or dessert named after me. After all, Brillat-Savarin was a lawyer, not a chef. And he has BOTH a cheese AND a dessert named after him.

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer, I am really looking forward to your webinar and have signed up already. I am very lucky, given I am Australian, to be living in Burgundy at the moment so I wondered could you please tell us the exact list of cheeses you will be tasting through during the webinar and perhaps those of us with access to the wonderful fromageries in France can taste side by side with you? Many thanks, Cameron J

Jennifer said...

Me too! I've missed talking about cheese. :)

I'm so sorry you aren't able to be here right now, but am happy that you will be enjoying the cheese virtually. And then as soon as you get to France, you can head straight to la Fromagerie!

Jennifer said...

Taste of France
Isn't Brillat-Savarin incredible??? Did you try it with some dry sparkling wine?
For this class it is going to be more theory, history, information, etc. I'm planning others that will involve "hands on" virtual tasting as well. Watch this space! :)

Hi Cameron
Thank you for signing up!
We will be discussing more than tasting, but I will be talking about Comté (if you want to have a fun Comté tasting, buy a young one (9-12 month) and an old (24-36 month) one and compare/contrast the two), Rove des Garrigues and Rovethym, Crottin de Chavignol, Brie de Meaux or Brie de Melun, aged sheep cheese and Fleur de Maquis.
Please let me know if you have any other questions and see you next weekend!

Unknown said...

Perfect, thanks very much, I have access to a few of them already and Comté already in the cheese keeper!

Jennifer said...

Thant's great! :)

Jennifer said...

We've decided to change the seminar to include some tasting. You should be getting an email with a list of cheeses you might want to have on hand. Thanks!

Shari said...

I also signed up as soon as Context announced your webinar. I am counting on our great local fromagerie here in Canada to help with selections to accompany your presentation. Your list will guide us. My mouth is already watering!