May 15, 2020

5 Things

Popcorn and rosé

1) Apéro

Paris in the springtime

2) Spring green

Pommes 🍎

3) Homemade applesauce happened during confinement (along with banana bread and a lot of homemade yogurt!). Apples courtesy of a neighborhood shop called Paysan Vrac.

Sunset (no filter!)

4) No filter

Ham, spinach and onion tart with goat cheese. Made it up as I was going along. (it turned out great!)

5) Spinach, onion, ham and goat cheese tart

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Elizabeth said...

Your images make me homesick for France, but that glorious sky lifts one's spirits. Disappointingly won't be travelling to our bolthole in the French countryside this year - a huge adjustment to our routine. However, that is a small price to pay in order to keep ourselves and others safe in these challenging times. Currently we are waiting to be reimbursed for our plane tickets from the other side of the world. Our fingers are crossed in hope that the money will appear in our bank account before the travel agent is put into liquidation - a first world problem! Keep smiling and stay safe. Bis

Linda Money said...

I so look forward to your lovely posts as I don't think there is a trip in my future to Paris. Thank-you for sharing and would love to see more pictures of your kitty too.
Merci..... Linda/Lou

Mary said...

Your posts always bring a smile. Thank you!

Jennifer said...

I'm sorry your plans have been cancelled. France, and your home, will be waiting for you! Stay safe and healthy. :)

Thank you for your sweet comment. I have SO many photos of Enzo! :) I'll definitely share more. He features often on my Instagram account, if you're following there. @chezlouloufrance

Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time and your kind words. :)