May 9, 2012

Photo du Jour - Golden Spring

golden field of colza

Sunny fields of golden colza* flowers are scattered all over the French countryside right now. Mother Nature is putting on a dazzling display!


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Bradford said...

This champ d'or you found is truly stunning. It is not so often you see a commercial crop that produces such a visual delight!

Mary said...

I'll remember this in this much more beautiful form next time i purchase a bottle! :)

Sharon said...

We've got a field the other side of the orchard (in the UK it's called rape and we have rapeseed oil). It is gorgeous but....does have a strong aroma particularly as the seed ripens.

Michel said...

I love seeing the fields of cozza and your picture is particularly lovely.

Carina said...

So many gorgeous fields of yellow around. Happy you found one to capture. :)

Lesley said...

Rape -as Sharon says- is not only pretty colour and strong aroma, but brings on the 'hayfever' with very runny nose for me!
You can always see where the plants have escaped and started self-seeding in other fields and gardens.