May 11, 2012

Le Grand Vielleux

Le Grand Vielleux

For a goat cheese with a bit of age on it, Le Grand Vielleux is surprisingly mild.

Its has almost no aroma and all around, its flavor is light and mellow - a tiny bit of citrus, hints of salt, mushrooms and yeast, and only a slight whisper of goaty-ness.

This particular cheese had been matured for several weeks. Texture wise it was a somewhat dry and crumbly in the middle, and soft and oozing just under the croûte.

Now I am someone who loves a cheese to pack a punch, but I found this fromage de chèvre to be simply delightful.

Le Grand Vielleux is produced and matured by a small fromagerie in the Loire Valley. Enjoy with a glass of Sancerre.

Le Grand Vielleux

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