May 11, 2012

Le Grand Vielleux

Le Grand Vielleux

For a goat cheese with a bit of age on it, Le Grand Vielleux is surprisingly mild.

Its has almost no aroma and all around, its flavor is light and mellow - a tiny bit of citrus, hints of salt, mushrooms and yeast, and only a slight whisper of goaty-ness.

This particular cheese had been matured for several weeks. Texture wise it was a somewhat dry and crumbly in the middle, and soft and oozing just under the croûte.

Now I am someone who loves a cheese to pack a punch, but I found this fromage de chèvre to be simply delightful.

Le Grand Vielleux is produced and matured by a small fromagerie in the Loire Valley. Enjoy with a glass of Sancerre.

Le Grand Vielleux

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Virginia said...

My mouth is watering. I'd love to join you!

Unknown said...

French cheese is the best! I'm looking forward to France this summer for 2 weeks. I'm heading to the small town of Collioure en Provence je pense!
Do you have any pieces of advice that you could give about things worth trying there?

Jennifer said...

I would be happy to share some with you, come on over!

Enjoy your trip. I think you mean Collioure in the Languedoc? Near Spain? If so, you'll eat and drink well.
Have some Muscat and melon, and enjoy all the fresh summer fruit and vegetables. Also, the local chèvre is always a treat.