July 17, 2009

Photo du Jour - Over the Canal du Midi

Blue skies and hot, sunny days. Summer in the Languedoc is here with a vengeance!

Too hot to turn on the oven except for the early morning. Summer recipes are keeping us cool.

melon and serrano ham
cold tomato soup with basil
pasta with cherry tomato, garlic, arugula and feta cheese

fresh peach tart
cherry frozen yogurt

A glass or two of icy cold rosé doesn't hurt either. Pin It


Dori said...

Love the pic as usual. I am looking forward to trying some of those recipes.

Betty C. said...

I see it's been pretty hot in Rodez too, so you must be baking! It's pretty warm here in Oly (low 90s) for that matter, but it cools down in the evenings and mornings, so it's not too oppressive.

jen laceda said...

Where is summer here at my home in Toronto? Although, I would much rather be in the Languedoc!

Sandy said...

Canal du Midi always fantastic!

Loulou said...

Hope you like them!

The summer weather in the PNW is always wonderful. Hot days and cool nights.
We had a HUGE thunderstorm and tons of rain last night. Very dramatic!

I find that I like the heat less and less. This summer hasn't been too bad so far. One week was excessively hot and humid, but it has tempered. Hope you get some summer soon!

It is a beautiful place!