July 15, 2009

La Fête du Fromage - Gloriotte

Spring and early summer offer a bounty of seasonal fromages de chèvre to enjoy. Chèvres from almost every corner of France: the Pyrénées, the Auvergne, the Poitou-Charentes, the Aveyron and the Savoie.
Many of these delightful cheeses are only available for a short time, so as the saying goes, Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May.

Introducing glorious Gloriotte! A sensational petit chèvre from the Loire.

I expected a bold and piquant flavor to come from a cheese with such an intense, goaty aroma and rough, rustic appearance. Boy was I wrong.
Gloriotte is mellow, fruity and sweet and its texture is smooth and a bit chalky. Drizzled with a bit of acacia honey - WOW - absolute heaven!

The most frustrating thing about Gloriotte is that I have to go either to Paris or the Loire Valley to purchase another delicious morsel. Or I could say that it gives me an excuse to make another trip up north.
(Ok, if I have to...)

Some white wine from the Loire would be a perfect match for this cheese. Pin It


mimi charmante said...

This cheese looks divine and delicous! July is looking more and more like the month that I need to visit France for my 40th birthday trip...
Thank you for sharing!

spacedlaw said...

Wonderful excuse!

Jennifer said...

If you come anytime between May and July you'll have a lot of chèvres to choose from!

Isn't it? :)