July 14, 2009

Le Quatorze Juillet

My Quatorze Juillet Wish
- that next year on le Quatorze Juillet I will be singing le Marseillaise and toasting la Belle France with some Champagne as a proper French citizen. Pin It


Sandy said...

I bet your wish will come true!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I hope your wish comes true, I am sure it will and will be toasting with you :-)

the Beaver said...

Bonne Fête nationale malgré tout ( you are already living the life of a French person :-) )

spacedlaw said...

I'll drink to that!

garry said...

I think you just failed the French citizen test - You are still thinking like an American you expect things to actually happen!!!


Loulou said...

Here's hoping!

I'll let you know so you can open a bottle with me. :)

True! Though I worked on le Quatorze Juillet - very NOT French.


I'm being very, very patient. And hasn't my pessimism been apparent in many of my French bureaucracy posts?
They said it would take 18 months, I'm hoping it happens in about 24.