December 12, 2008

Cognac Centre Ville

Cognac. I love this place. We've visited this charismatic town three times in the last five years and plan to go again next year.

The fabulous Chinese food and innumerable Cognac tasting opportunities are reason enough to go back, but we also appreciate the sophisticated atmosphere, the fact that it is easy to get around and to park in, and think that Cognac is generally, an all-around, delightful French town.

One of the best things about Cognac - it is people friendly.
Its small size (population around 20,000) means that it is easily navigated on foot. The medieval quarter is a maze of little streets that you can't resist exploring and a stroll along the river offers scenic views and shady spots to have a picnic or relax. In the summertime there are boat rides along the Charente river to consider.

You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to fresh seafood Le Marché Couvert, which is open every morning except for Monday. Other open air markets take place around town every Saturday and Sunday, offering a wealth of fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, charcuterie and seafood. There are also Marchés Bio (organic markets) held the 3rd Sunday of the month and every Tuesday and Friday.

If you're looking for places in France to visit, put the town of Cognac and the surrounding area on your list. The Charente and Charente-Maritime offer vast, gorgeous Atlantic beaches, quaint islands, some of the most succulent oysters you'll ever taste, world renowned Cognac, music and art festivals, Roman and Romanesque architecture and a beautiful landscape of rolling hills dotted with vineyards and picturesque fields of sunflowers.
What more could you ask for?

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martha said...

I can't agree with you more. I had the chance to spend two weeks at the hotel & restaurant school in La Rochelle and we visited all over the Charente. The Isle de Re - even in the dead of January was enchanting.
Do visit if you haven't been- if you have - go back.

Megan said...

I too am a big Charente Maritime fan. We lived in Royan for 7 months and toured the surrounding areas often. You must go to the Palmyre Zoo. In the winter it will be empty and you'll experience its up-close awsomeness. Also the covered market in Royan is not to be missed.

martha said...

Thanks Megan
I'll remember that for next time

Betty C. said...

The Café-bar photo is excellent.

I'm intrigued by Tastebook. What's the point exactly? Is it more for you or something you really hope to sell? Have you set it up using your blog recipes? Interesting....

Loulou said...

I've never spent time in la Rochelle, only driven through. It looks like a wonderful city to spend a couple of weeks in!

We drove right by the zoo on our way to Marennes. Guess we should have stopped! Next time.
Thanks for the recommendations.

I actually thought of you when I took that photo. I know how much you love those old signs. :)

My Tastebook is a mix of my recipes and recipes from online sources that are favorites of mine. I'm in their referral program so I earn a % of every one I sell.

Betty C. said...

About the photo -- that's sweet! :)

About your Tastebook -- I was wondering if it is totally finished. Something about it made it look like a work in progress, for some reason.

That sounds like a fun idea if I didn't have a day job...

Loulou said...

The Tastebook is cool because you can add your own recipes to one that you order or create your own from scratch.

Boris said...

LouLou: I live in Cognac and wanted to write to confirm your recommendations. The Hong Kong restaurant is super and our favourite Cognac house is Fransac - their white Pineau is outstanding!
Thanks for an interesting read.

Loulou said...

You are lucky to live in Cognac! It is a place I would love to live in.
Thanks for the kind comment.

Go and enjoy some delicious Chinese food for me! :)