December 12, 2008

Photo du Jour - Scallops and Sardines

Scallops in le Marché Couvert in Cognac were only €7,90 a kilo. Down here in the Languedoc they cost more than twice that.
And check out those enormous silver sardines! (on the right) Pin It


martha said...

That is rank sadism. We can't get things like that fresh here at any price. Argh!!! Yummy!

Loulou said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that! We get lots of Mediterranean fish, but I'm not crazy about most of them.
I miss good Pacific Northwest salmon and Dungeness crab from Washington State.

wcs said...

Oh, those palourdes look tasty. White wine, shallots, herbs, tossed into pasta.... mmmmmmm!

martha said...

Well, 50% isn't bad. We have lots of Salmon and salmon trout, but no fresh crab. The local small Baltic herring make a pretty good substitute for sardines. No matter how perfect the place we have chosen may be nowhere is ever exactly 100% - is it?

Loulou said...

I'll save them for you. Not a big fan of clams. Scallops however...I could eat them every day!

Yes, there is always something one will miss.
Our friends just moved to Thailand from France and they're eating fabulous food and love it there, but they really miss the French wine and cheese!

martha said...

Thank God for cheapish airline fares and high speed trains.

Peter M said...

Loulou, I'm a seafood geek and I get excited with the site of fresh seafood like here...awesome scallops!

Loulou said...


Aren't they gorgeous! It was our last day in the vacation rental house, so I couldn't buy any to cook.
I'm going to price them at our local market tomorrow. Hopefully they'll be fresh and affordable!