October 10, 2008

Photo du Jour - Les Poires

Louise Bonne and La Beurré Bosc pears, ripe and perfect for making a rich, caramelized Tarte Tatin aux Poires. Pin It


Cassoulet Cafe said...

Yay Pears!!! (I have the cutest picture of my 2 year old carrying a bag of pears away from the Caraman marche' (last spring).

Mimi from French Kitchen said...

Ah, a market photo! We took many this time, going to the Cahors market every time it was open.

Ken Broadhurst said...

Really nice photo, Loulou. And do I love pears! Pear tarts amandine. Pears poached in red wine. Ripe pears with walnuts and blue cheese.

Loulou said...

I agree. Yay!!!
Love pear season.

There's nothing as fabulous as an outdoor market! I've always been smitten with them.
Looks like you had a great trip. I'm so glad! :)

Do you have une recette for pear tarts amandine? If so, have you already posted it?
The last time I made pears poached in white wine, it wasn't that great. I definitely prefer them poached in red.
And with blue cheese....perfection!