October 11, 2008

Photo du Jour - La Bicyclette

Parked out in front of our little Épicerie. Pin It


wcs said...


I'd love to do more of my shopping on my bike, but I live at the top of a hill, and that gives me with a great excuse to leave the bike in the garage.

wcs said...

Please disregard that errant "with" in my comment.

Betty C. said...

I've been noticing more bicycles even here in hilly Aveyron. Pumping to the top of Rodez takes courage, but some people are doing it.

Loulou said...

No, not mine.
I have one, but the tires are flat and I was lazy about getting it out this summer. We don't have a garage so I store it at a friend's.
The wind here is also a deterrent! It's really easy to pedal one way, then you turn around and have to fight all the way home. Not my idea of fun.
(errant 'with' officially disregard)

I admire those who find enjoyment in the sport!
I loved my bike in New Orleans, but the terrain there is perfectly flat so it was easy.
Do you have a bike?

Betty C. said...

We all have bikes but they aren't really a viable means of transportation -- I work 17 km from our village! My daughter and I have been taking them out for a little exercise on the weekend, but we have trouble finding routes that aren't too up and down.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

We are lucky to live in quite a flat area..I cycle to work and into town to do some of my shopping..we are also lucky to have a good cycle path, straight there.

Loulou said...

That is a long ride to work, especially if there are many hills involved!

you are lucky! We have beautiful scenery, but too many hills and too much wind.