April 9, 2007

Happiness is a Nine Hour Lunch

What a day we had yesterday! Nine glorious hours of eating and drinking in the sun with good friends. That's what Sunday afternoons in the south of France were made for!

Our friends were kind enough to host a lunch in the garden of their new house. By new house, I mean they just moved in last week, yet were sweet enough to have eight people over for lunch. Each couple brought a different course to make it a bit easier on the hosts and I offered to bring dessert...New Orleans style bread pudding with Whiskey sauce.

We started the meal with perfectly grilled asparagus wrapped in Jambon de Bayonne and a delicious rice salad with avocado, green olives, red onion and tomatoes in a mustard vinaigrette. Next came garlicky, grilled lamb and involtini (grilled, stuffed eggplant) followed by cheese then dessert and coffee.

We finally managed to drink this Jeroboam from our local wine co-op that was given to my husband as a birthday present a few years ago. It seemed to be the never ending bottle, but we eventually finished it off with the cheese then opened a bottle of Muscat St Jean de Minervois to enjoy with dessert.

It was a perfect day.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely!

wcs said...

Yum. Grilled asparagus...