April 7, 2007

Saturday Morning in Carcassonne

I know I was complaining the other day about the cold, windy weather here in the Minervois, but Mother Nature has decided to be generous with us again. Today it is 70 degrees and sunny. Can't complain about that!

The Place Carnot in the center of Carcassonne hosts a picturesque, lively food market every Saturday morning. It is much bigger and more diverse than our little Tuesday Olonzac market, but quite a bit further to drive. Every time I go I wonder why I don't make the effort to go more often.

Strawberries were on offer everywhere. Big, fat ones from Spain and smaller, very aromatic French strawberries called garriguettes.

The Canal du Midi runs through the center of Carcassonne. The locks reopened last week so the holiday boaters are back cruising the canal. It is estimated that over 50,000 tourists take a trip on the canal each year, either by guided afternoon trips, barge hotels or self-piloted weekly boat rentals.

I came home with a basket bursting with carrots, tomatoes, asparagus, eggs and a baguette. Tonight's menu: asparagus gratin and salad with bread and wine. Pin It


Katie said...

I bought some of the large, pretty Spanish Strawberries - tasteless. Next time I'll pay more for the little French ones.

Unknown said...

&0 degress and sunny! Mon Dieu!

I cannot wait to visit the markets - just a few weeks now!

wcs said...

I, too, resist the spanish fraises. They look so good, but I know what a disappointment they can be. French ones will be here soon. Thanks for the reinforcement.

Jennifer said...

the strawberries from Spain were quite good but garriguettes are definitely better

I hope the weather in Paris is good while we're both there

I hope they arrive very, very soon for you

Brenda said...

Maybe I should consider MOVING to France...everything looks good, quaint, delicious, etc.

Jennifer said...

I know you'll love it!

felK said...

We stayed at le Petit Castel in Olonzac for a week in April 2007 and although very cold weather had a very enjoyable stay. Visited our daughter who works in Roubia and had a few drinks and an excellent meal in the La Fourchette Fol during the week.
There MUST be an opening in France to start a Toilet Training School for dogs and their owners!!

Look forward to visiting again shortly.