October 22, 2020

5 Things

Yum!1) My kind of cake!

Mon Quartier2) Do I spy Emily in Paris? 

Hydrangeas at the market 

3) Giant bouquets of autumn hydrangeas

Cheese board

4) A modern cheese board

Café Life

5) Café life

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bonnie groves poppe said...

Oh gosh, the elderly man in the cafe, reading his newspaper, with the Sephora sign in the background. Does that say it all?
bonnie in provence

Janice (northern california, Paris and No said...

I was so happy to see these two cafes. My daughter's apartment was just above La Commerce Cafe so this was a great place to grab something quick. They do a fabulous salad with a Chevre Bric and a great burger too. Love these guys and loved this neighborhood... the little park right at the Commerce metro stop, Eric Kayser, Petit Bateau, Sephor, etc. Such fun memories!!!!

Jennifer said...

I loved that man in the café! I wanted to sit down and have a coffee with him. :)

I'm so happy that the photo brought back good memories! I've never eaten there, but it sounds like I should. Thanks for the recommendation!