April 26, 2020

5 (Covid Confinement) Things


1) We have a great fromagerie around the corner, so we're still able to enjoy French cheese. Phew!

The nuns were back again for another impromptu concert!

2) The nuns at the Catholic maternity clinic across from our apartment have been coming out on their roof terrace to join the 8pm applause for the health care workers, and then staying on to sing a couple of songs for the neighborhood. Complete with tambourines

Mio Enzo

3) Zonked out

Sunday has become homemade pizza day 🍕#covidcooking

4) Sunday is now pizza day! This one from last week was sautéed red onions, red peppers and Spanish chorizo

Flour and eggs! These were two difficult to find items at the beginning of the lockdown

5) There were flour, egg and sugar shortages at the beginning of the lockdown, so when I walked into our local G20 grocery store and spotted this, I felt like I'd won the lottery

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Miles Noodlehead said...

Beautiful photos. Love Enzo the most =^..^= and the pizza looks so yummy. I went to look for flour yesterday (in the states)and none in 4 different stores :(

Mary Hirsch said...

Love these photos. This morning I made my weekly 6am visit to City Market for groceries and supplies. IT WAS DARK. Repeating, I went to the grocery store before the sun came up. But, here's the thing, I was so excited because it was Sunday and my shopping day. It's the little things, huh? Take care. I miss Paris.

bonnie groves poppe said...

Those nuns are precious aren't they. Can't believe I'm saying that! The pizza looks extremely good, I may try it. And thank goodness cheese is food, and thus a necessity. Our wine cave is open also, another necessity. We are rural, 4km from Carpentras in Mazan, so we feel much more "normal" and can work on our big garden, so I feel extremely fortunate. Worried about my friends in CA......
bonnie in the Vaucluse

wcs said...

The pizza looks great! Now I want chorizo. :)

Linda Money said...

Thank-you for sharing your little piece of the world with us, so happy life seems to be
getting back to a "little normal". I find I am eating way too much cheese right now but
that's ok. Love seeing Enzo too in the pics. Merci....

Jennifer said...

I hope you find flour soon! Thanks for your comment about Enzo...we love him a lot!

It definitely is the little things! You take care and look forward to seeing you in Paris again soon!

Jennifer said...

I totally understand what you mean about the nuns! lol
Having a garden must be heaven right now. At least we have a terrace, so we're lucky. And thank heavens for cheese and wine being necessities! Take care of yourselves.

Do you make pizza often? The chorizo was spicy and good!

Jennifer said...

I'm eating a little too much of everything, cheese included! We have another two weeks of lockdown and then we'll see what happens. This is the beginning of week 7.
Thanks for stopping by to comment! I hope you're staying well. Take care!

Bill Schmitt said...

Being a bread and pizza maker here in OKC, I was lucky enough to have ordered flour before the meltdown in the stores. Thanks for your blog, be safe. For those willing to pay the shipping, try Heartland Mill.

Jennifer said...

Glad you had enough flour to keep baking! :) Thanks for the Heartland Mill recommendation. Stay well!

Emm said...

I love that you have singing nuns in your neighborhood. And the pizza looks excellent. Another week of official lockdown where I am, so je reste chez moi.

Jennifer said...

Hang in there! We're hoping they don't extend confinement here...
We love our singing nuns!