April 28, 2014

5 Things

Cave La Tonnelle

1) Une épicerie

Cancale Oysters

2) Oysters from Cancale, in Brittany

un p'tit café

3) Un café

One week old fromage de chèvre.

4) L'Elgines fermière
(fromage de chèvre - barely 1 week old. Delicious!)

Looking Bored

5) Waiting

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Sharon said...

That cheese has got me craving for a hunk of baguette and a glass of red. I'm going to have to raid the larder!

Jennifer Greco said...

How did the larder raiding go? :)

Sharon said...

Even better -Lidl started a French week yesterday so I stocked up on chèvre & cassis!

Jennifer Greco said...