May 1, 2014

What I Miss About America

Mexican lunch

Over the years I've met a lot of Americans traveling in France, and they're always very curious about how and why we chose to move here.
The questions come fast and furious: Why did you move to France? Did you move for a job? How long have you been here? How long will you stay? Was it difficult to get a visa? Is your husband French? Did you move here for your husband's job? How did you find a place to live? Why did you choose Normandy? Do you like living in France?

Then the inevitable question is asked:  What do you miss most about living in America?
The answer is easy. Mexican food!*

chips and guacamole

Thank heavens I can now get a fix at Candelaria in Paris when the cravings are really bad!

*even more than being able to return broken items without an argument, easily accessible public toilets and authentic Thai food

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Barrie said...

I miss real Pork Fried Rice....

se said...

Ah, yes, Mexican food is my comfort food. When I need a fix, I whip up a batch of chicken enchiladas verde. Someday I'm going to get brave and tackle mole sauce!

Zachary said...

Corn tortillas and Chipotles in adobo en route, T minus 9 days and counting.

Anna Safronova said...

then you would probably miss Mexico even more.

Nadege said...

I probably would too!
When we were in France last, driving from Pezenas to my niece's house, suddenly, out of nowhere, my son said "I want to eat a burrito". We had not even been in France 2 weeks. Not that we eat Mexican food everyday in SoCal.

Dvora said...

I make soft tacos but whereas I would prefer corn tortillas, they aren't available so I make do with flour. What I can do, if you like and if you have access to corn chips (as I do in Spain), is give you my superb guacamole recipe. Let me know if you want it.

bonnie poppe said...

Oh yes!! When I make one of my infrequent visits back to San Diego I eat mexican every day! I now have a good supply of dried chilis here, and this year am growing pinto beans, which do not seem to exist in France. I also have a big bag of masa to make my own tortillas.

longstotravel said...

I'm also curious about your answers to those questions about living in France. I'd love it if you answered them at some point (hint, hint).

H.Peter said...

Funny. I just had that conversation with Victoria who is back in North America, while I hold the Fort here.


Jennifer Greco said...

So my pork fried rice isn't good enough????

I've yet to tackle mole sauce either. If you do, please let me know how it turns out!

Jennifer Greco said...

Waiting (im)patiently...

You're right!

Jennifer Greco said...

Mexican food is addictive. I'm convinced of it. :)

I'm always happy to try a new guac recipe, thanks!

Jennifer Greco said...

Sounds like you have a well stocked pantry! :)

I think I have answered most of them over the years...I'd have to back a look in my archives.
I know I answered the "Why" question in a blog post. Here it is:

Jennifer Greco said...

H Peter
Are you moving to the US then?

H.Peter said...

Our ultimate goal is half and half.
Plus some kid issues.....

Sara S. said...

I just got back from three months in Bourg-sur-Gironde, my trial run at living in France. I had been told that I should go in the winter just to make sure. I'm from the Pacific NW so it was no contest. Here in Seattle endless grey days in winter, France rain followed by bright blue sky. France won. I did discover one thing I missed. About 90 days into my stay I got this incredible need to walk I in a forest. It was like withdrawal. I was surrounded by beautiful vineyards but no forest in walking distance. So I learned something I really needed to know, if I retire to France I need to live within walking distance of a forest.

Also, I have been using your blog to figure out what my costs will be if/when I move to France. While I didnt have to pay all the expenses you list, you are spot on with my expenditures for my three months.m for example, I suffer "sticker shock" on my first trip to the grocery store when I returned. Food is way more expensive here in the States. I think living in a small town in France may have had something to do with it.

One last thing, I have spent most of my time when I come to France in the Aquitaine. I had a chance to visit Normandy and Brittany on this last visit, how are you liking Normandy? I had a good feeling when I was there and the people were terrific. South vs. North, what's your call?

Jennifer Greco said...

There's a huge difference in my opinion! I love Normandy!
I wrote about it here:
Good luck with your eventual move.

Anna said...

Oh, guacamole!! Great tip on the Paris restaurant.

(And ... do you have a post that answers all of the other questions you listed?? I'd love to read it!)

Jennifer Greco said...

You're welcome!
I've answered almost all of those questions here over the years. They're buried in the archives if you'd like to have a look. :)