July 4, 2013

I Think I Have A Problem

Zagreb Market

My problem (sort of) is this: wanderlust

Merriam-Webster defines wanderlust as a "strong longing for or impulse toward wandering." The Oxford dictionary defines it as "a strong desire to travel."

But that's not it exactly. Those definitions oversimplify what I feel.

I don't just want to travel to different places, I want to live in those places. I want to settle in, meet people, be part of the community, shop at the markets, discover the local eateries, get to know the neighborhoods, wander the streets.

I want to be a local.

Old Zagreb


Recently our friends returned from 3 months in Thailand and mentioned the fantastic night markets and great street food of Chiang Mai. I was online ASAP, researching the price of apartments, checking out the health system and reading blogs written by locals and expats.

The other night we watched Woody Allen's To Rome With Love. I can now tell you that the cost of living in Rome is probably to high for us, but cities like Verona or Ferrara would be perfect. I even started looking at Italian language classes.

A seaside cottage on the Ile de Ré, an apartment in Paris, a longère in the Loire Valley.
I want to live in all of these places.



No, wanderlust doesn't accurately describe it.

What do you call it? Itchy Feet Syndrome? The Grass Is Always Greener Disorder?
Am I going to have to move to a new place every year to satisfy it?

Yep, it could become a serious problem.

Spanish Cheese

Lucca Skyline

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