June 30, 2013

Photo du Jour - Birthday Cake!


Earlier this week I asked my husband what he wanted for his birthday. His reply, "A real cake."
How could I say no?

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Ms Lemon of Make Mine Lemon said...

A real cake as opposed to ??? Great job.

Alison said...

Yellow cake with chocolate frosting is my favorite kind of cake.

jweich said...

I would love a piece with my coffee!

Dj Johnston, of www.djfineart.com said...

Your husband has a real special wife. Well done. I wish him many, many more birthdays with you.

SE said...

That is a perfect cake!!

Ann Mah said...

Beautiful, Jennifer! I can't imagine a better birthday treat.

Lynn said...

I'm cracking up at the first comment. She obviously doesn't live in France! Your cake makes me very nostalgic for a "real" homemade cake :)

P. J. Grath said...

In Paris, my husband (who loves France as I do) sometimes yearned for "regular" coffee, so I get it about the cake.

Dvora said...

I can relate. I live in Spain and you can't get a real cake here either. Nor pie. A few years ago I special ordered a cake from the village bakery, was specific about what I wanted, and ended up with something close, but not quite...

Murissa Shalapata said...

It was my birthday on Thursday but we celebrated Saturday and I requested a real cake as well - as opposed to the ice cream cake I got last year.

Delicious looking cake!


kathy said...

Your cake is beautiful and looks so delicious. That is the exact cake my husband would request for his birthday.

Bruno said...

It was and still is wonderful!!!

Thx again, honey..

Katie Zeller said...

Oh, well done! Mine (B-Day on June 28) wanted Magret de Canard.... Their priorities are not the same, but similar (food) LOL

Jennifer Greco said...

Ms Lemon
A real American birthday cake. :)

It is mine too. And even though it took a long time to make, it was worth every minute!

Jennifer Greco said...

The perfect combination!

Thank you! And yes, he does. :)

Jennifer Greco said...

It was perfect, I agree!

Thanks! It was a treat, because it took a really long time to make.

Jennifer Greco said...

I know...I thought the same thing!

Those things that we grow up with, that we are familiar with, do give so much comfort

Jennifer Greco said...

We've tried ordering "cakes" from local bakeries as well. While they are delicious in their own way, they just don't have the same flavor.

Happy belated birthday! Happy to hear that you got the cake you wanted this year.

Jennifer Greco said...

Thanks! It was a greatly appreciated cake. :)

You're welcome, my sweet. Ti amo.

Jennifer Greco said...

A much easier request! Maybe we could trade next year?