January 15, 2013

Paris And Me

Paris roofline

I know Paris and I don't know Paris.

I've spent a considerable amount of time wandering her streets and exploring her cafésrestaurants and fromageries, but we still don't have what I would consider an intimate relationship. What we have is more of a blossoming, promising friendship.
She always does her best to charm me when I visit, so you could say I have fallen under her spell.

Yes, I have a crush on Paris.




I choose to focus on her grace and beauty, all the while being fully aware that she is far from perfect. I can appreciate the gritty, sometimes tired, sometimes curt side to her personality, because her other side is simply enchanting. She is plagued with problems and deeply flawed, but with the bad comes so much good!

Besides, there is no place that takes my breath away like she does. There is no other place like Paris.

Autumn in Paris

Paris Streets


le Marais

Le Marais

And it looks like she's smitten with me too!


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