January 9, 2013

Cheese Confessions


I have a confession to make...I'm tired of writing about cheese.

There, I said it.

You may have noticed that the cheese posts around here have been few and far between in the last several months. When Katia came to Normandy to interview me for The France Project, I told her confidently that my Fête du Fromage cheese tasting adventures would soon be back in full swing.
Well, it never happened, and I've been feeling kind of guilty about that.

My passion for French cheese hasn't waned, not one little bit.

Just walking into a gorgeously smelly Fromagerie and seeing the stacks and stacks of cheese in all different shapes, sizes and textures gives me a thrill. I'm happy that I've taken the time to educate myself about such a delicious subject and I love that I now know over 225 French cheeses intimately. And there are still so many left to try!

I still buy cheese. And eat cheese. Lots of cheese! I am still "the cheese lady." (I think it's hilarious when my friends call me that!)
For the moment though, I'm simply uninspired when it comes to writing about cheese.

Eh, voilà. 

So for now, here are 214 cheeses I've already tasted for la Fête du Fromage, and some photos of the fromages français that are patiently biding their time until my inspiration comes back. Which it will.
You'll be the first to know.

Le Sauvaget

Le Sauvaget

Trois Fromages

a Nepita (wedge), Cabri (herb covered) and Le Mervent (with the leaf)

Le Pavé du Quercy

Le Pavé du Quercy

Saint Paulin

Le Saint-Paulin

Le Trèfle

Le Trèfle

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Katie Zeller said...

I just finished my Christmas Mont d'Or... Traditions, you know. No, I don't warm it, I prefer room temp. And, yes, I eat the whole thing myself. Traditions, you know LOL
The inspiration will come back.

Unknown said...

I think we all need a break sometimes to refresh our palate -- whether in eating, or writing. I look forward to the return of la fête de fromage -- but in the meantime, I'm also enjoying your Norman adventures!

Sharon said...

I think it's marvellous that you've managed so many posts without becoming 'cheesy' (sorry!) Anyway your photos are always so gorgeous that I'm sure we'll all cope...for a while....

Wendl said...

And I was just wondering when you were going to publish a "Cheeses of France" book. But even without the cheese, your blog is always interesting.

Andi said...

Hi Jennifer, I agree with Ann on taking a break, but I am also wondering if you need an outside or fresh perspective, would love to send you out some ideas if you are open to it?

Emm said...

Those pictures are so mouth-watering that even a middling cheeser like me wants to sample them. Sometimes, it's good to take a break from one big topic, perhaps dally with a few smaller ones. We'll keep reading nonetheless.

spacedlaw said...

Le shock.
But as long as you keep oneating cheese, I know you'll be fine.

Holly Bruns said...

A break is a good thing! I love your cheese writing, but I also love everything else you write about. And your photos.

Carina said...

Taking a break can be a constructive step. Whether it is short or long term, or even a permanent one, you shouldn't feel guilty about wanting to write about cheese. It is likely to be a step in a new direction with fantastic new subjects for you to cover.

Jennifer said...

I LOVE your Christmas traditions.

Merci my friend!

Jennifer said...


I've thought about it, believe me...glad you've enjoyed reading!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the offer. Look forward to discussing more with you!

Glad you find the photos inspiring.
I'm sure la fête du fromage will be back!

Jennifer said...

I will NEVER stop eating cheese.

Merci! I've been having fun focusing more on photography and writing whatever strikes my fancy.

Jennifer said...

Your are so right! Thank you! :)

Ken Broadhurst said...

We had a nice lunch of raclette yesterday.


Jennifer said...

Now I'm craving raclette...and it's the perfect weather for it!