December 5, 2012

Inspirational Women

Fading light over our house. #normandy

For the last few days I've been in a writing slump.
And since I haven't bothered to leave the house at all over those few days, I've had plenty of time to spend stressing over it searching online for some inspiration.

I didn't have to look very far.

All I had to do was glance at my Links List to see what my favorite bloggers, photographers and writers have been up to.

Old Gate into the Forest

Carina's photographs make me dream of becoming a better, more accomplished photographer.

Katia's enthusiasm in meeting new people and sharing their stories gives me the desire to welcome new people into my life.
In fact, the title of this week's episode is Inspiration!

Anne's design sense and eye for detail make me see the world around me in a fresh, new way.

Lindsey's myriad of talents remind me that passion and dedication can lead to amazing opportunities.

Andi's enduring love of travel makes me long to jump on an airplane. And from time to time, she kindly invites some of us around to share our France stories!

Ann's beautiful way with words motivates me to keep writing, even when I'm struggling through slumps like this one.

I am in awe of each of these very talented women and love watching them pursue their various projects.

Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!

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Carina said...

Wow, thank you Loulou. I was sitting here playing with my computer, trying to work out a tech problem, ping a couple of people and pass a minute popping in for a random tweet. Your lovely words popped up on my screen and cheered me up from computer stuff.

I completely understand the writer's block problem, I have it more and more these days, finding myself playing behind the lens when it happens. Can't say it helps the words come along but it makes for some fun time out and about.

Thanks so much for including me amongst some truly talented people.

Lost In Cheeseland said...

Creative droughts come with the territory and it looks like you found a wonderful solution! There are so many inspiring people around us and for me, you're one of them! One of these days I'll need to have you school me in cheese :) Or, you can come to Paris and we can take La Cuisine Paris' cheese course! Either way, thank you for including me in this list. It definitely made me smile! Here's to writer's block and the inevitable creative surge waiting around the bend!

La Torontoise said...

Loulou, thank you! So inspirational!! Just got my new Canon and now I'm in the process of completing a food photography class; can hardly wait to come to France for Christmas and practice what I'm learning now...
My work has a tendency to get hectic just before the vacation season, and reading the materials in this post made me feel better.
Thank you again!

Andi said...

What an honor to be included! I have to agree with Lindsey, you took writer's block by les boules and turned it around on its ear!

Prêt à Voyager said...

My friend Leela photographed this cheese book that made me think of you :)


Mardi @eatlivetravelwrite said...

Am already inspired on a weekly basis by most of the ladies on this list but you introduced me to a new one - Corina! Good luck with your writer's block but remember that there are a ton of people out there who YOU inspire (i.e. me!)

Loulou in France said...

You are more than welcome! Every time I look at your website, it makes my day better. You have such an amazing eye!
I know one of these days our paths will cross, just hope it is sooner rather than later. :)

I would happily spend a cheese filled day or afternoon with you! And I've heard that the class at La Cuisine Paris is brilliant! Would love to attend that too.
Thank you for your writing and your beautiful photos.

Loulou in France said...

La Torontoise
That must be a fun class and France will be a great place to perfect your craft. I'm glad you enjoyed the post and can't wait to see your food photos!

Of course I had to include you! You are such a positive, inspirational presence in my blogging world. Thank you for that!

Ann Mah said...

Oh, I am very honored to be in such good company, including yours, dear Loulou! The internets have enriched my life so much, bringing new friends and continuous new sources of inspiration -- thank you for being one of MINE :)

Loulou in France said...

I am so happy you shared that link with me. Her images are beautiful. More inspiration! Merci!

Thank you for your kind words, and...likewise! :)
So glad I was able to introduce you to someone new. Carina and I have been in contact for a long time but have never actually met in person. I would love to follow her and her camera around Paris one day.

Loulou in France said...

Getting to know you has been a delight and am so happy to have you as a friend. I am in awe of your talent! :)

David Downie said...

Very inspiring, Loulou! If ever you're looking for inspiring male bloggers (I know we're an inferior species but you've got to pity us a little...)... just kidding. Saluti from Italy (I'm on the road), ddd http//

Loulou in France said...

We do take pity on the male of the species (from time to time).
I'm sure you already know how much you inspire me! I'm reading Paris, paris for the 4th time!
Enjoy Italia.

David Downie said...

Wonderful! As an imperfect specimen of the weaker (masculine) sex I bow to your superior sensitivity and applaud your choice of gender and book! I'll have to write Paris, Paris, Paris! next time. Actually what I've written (and is coming out in April) is Paris to the Pyrenees. So stay tuned. You'll either be inspired or outraged (the subtitle is A Skeptic Pilgrim Walks the Way of Saint James). I crossed France on foot... Hoping to succeed with this comment: so hard to read those code words to prove I'm not a robot! (Maybe I am a robot!). Salut, dd
ps--email me to continue the conversation?

Loulou in France said...

Imperfect? Mais, non!!! :)
Can't wait to read Paris to the Pyrenees.