December 1, 2012

The "Kids"

My Boys

I don't have kids, but I do have two dogs and a cat. I adore them and I dote on them. A lot.

Speck, on the left, is almost 15 years old. He's riddled with arthritis and has become a fussy, irritable old man. There are moments when I find his neediness really difficult, but at the same time my heart aches for him and his confusion and frustration about his pain. So I try my best to be patient. He takes medication every day, which helps him a bit.

Tico, on the right, is 12 years old. He loves us, and only us. And food. In general, he dislikes new places and new people, though there have been a few who have wooed him over and become his friend. Especially if they have offered him treats. And it seems that the older he gets, the more tolerant he has become when meeting new people.


We also have a gorgeous black and white cat named Domino.
We found him abandoned by his mother when he was only two weeks old, so we had to bottle feed him for those first few weeks. You would think that there would be a close bond between us after that, right? Nope. He prefers the dog's company much more than he prefers ours. And of course they think he's crazy and avoid him as much as possible.

Voilà! Our little family. I hope you've enjoyed meeting them.

More dog and cat photos here.
As I said, I don't have kids, so I hope I'm allowed some gratuitous pet photos from time to time!

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Jacqueline Brown said...

They look lovely. We have two 14 yr old cats one of whom has issues to do with her age, but we still live them.

Rachel Godivala said...

Nice to meet 'the family'! I do have a son but still love my pets lots. I try not to spoil the dog too much, but since losing Milo in April and the accident to my knee I do kiss and cuddle Jack our lovely gentle rescue Saluki, my excuse is 'he' needs it...but it's really for me! Max the cat loves his Mummy but is very off with others including Ray. Lovely pictures by the way.:)

Sharon T said...

I don't have kids either, but my pet family is an incredibly important part of my life. They each have their own personality and I can't imagine our lives without them! So nice to meet your "kids":)

French Girl in Seattle said...

Good old friends... Not surprised to hear about your cat. Cats are in a league all of their own. LOL. I always say I have three children, and "one of each species:" One child (now 12,) one dog (11,) and one cat (5). Surprisingly, they form their own little pack. Like siblings, they have spats, but most of the time, they get along really well. I like to remind number 1 (the boy,) that the other two took a lot less time to potty train! :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Ann Mah said...

Aw, what cuties they are! I loved meeting them -- thanks for the introduction. Domino is a lucky kitty to have been bottle-fed by you (and I bet he doesn't remember it at all ;)

puppyfur said...

They're gorgeous.:-)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Ah bless .. we had a cat named Domino too .. our cat was quite a big cat, looked like your alot.

Dvora said...

I love all your photos but I have to admit that dog and cat photos rate even over France. (I saw them all in your album too. Cutie pies!)

Nadege said...

They are your kids!

bonnie poppe said...

Love your chihuahuas. I also am in France with two chihuahuas (and one mixbreed). One of mine is around the age of Speck (don't know for sure as all my dogs are rescues from California) and is a little old man too. But all of them love company and new people. Feel free to post dog photos anytime!!

Mary said...

Oh yes! You're 'totally' allowed gratuitous pet photos. I love 'em! Beautiful kitty! :) And many hugs to your older dogs. It's hard for everyone all around when our animals age. They can't tell us where it hurts. :(

Brianna Asaro Photography said...

I love furry families! I, too, have a furry kid. Her name is Mia... I've featured her on my blog several times. She's got a black nose like Domino and is a real terror. Her personality is more like Tico's. She loves me and only me, and MAYBE tolerates other people.

A Normandy kitchen said...

Pleased to meet you Speck, Tico and Domino! You all look so cute. I have always had pugs, that never fail to bring me a smile or two a day!! Thank you for sharing with us your family...

Loulou in France said...

They are lovely! I hope your cats continue to have happy, healthy lives. :)

Speck is definitely "my" dog and Domino belongs to no one...except he would love to cuddle with Tico, who wouldn't dream of doing such a thing! lol

Loulou in France said...

They really do add so much to our lives, don't they? I'm happy to hear that you have your own four legged family.

Thanks for telling me about your kids - human and otherwise! It sounds like they have become a tight knit group.

Loulou in France said...

Domino is very lucky and no, does not remember at all. He's an odd little duck, but we love him.
Hope you can come and meet them in person some day!

Merci! I think so too.

Loulou in France said...

Is your Domino no longer with us?

Glad you enjoyed them. They are a favorite subject of mine!

Loulou in France said...


I saw photos of your little guys and they are adorable!

Loulou in France said...

Yes, seeing Speck in pain is heartbreaking because he can't tell me exactly where it hurts and I can't explain to him how I can make it better. Poor little guy!
Glad you enjoyed the photos.

Ah, so you understand Tico's personality. :) Not easy sometimes...

Loulou in France said...

I love, and have always loved, pugs. How many do you have?

A Normandy kitchen said...

Hello again,
Just one pug now, who is not doing so great on his back legs - pug thing (he is only seven) but vets are really good here and he is responding fine to a few meds.
Best wishes Ivan

katiez said...

Cute kids ;-))
I sympathize with the old boy... After our Sedi had a stroke it was very hard to watch her get less and less able to get around and so very frustrated about it all.

Loulou in France said...

We have a great vet too. Makes a world of difference!

Thanks. I know you went through a very difficult time with your "little" ones at the end.