October 1, 2012

Packing for Paris


On my many visits to Paris  over the years the weather has been very kind to me. In fact, it's been nearly perfect every time, with sunny skies and moderate temperatures, even in late November.

(of course there was that freak snow storm one December, which pretty much paralyzed the city for 24 hours. Yes, it was inconvenient, but boy was it beautiful!)

Jardin des Tuileries


I've been packing for a 4 day trip to Paris this weekend and so far the Météo predicts good weather. And while I don't want to sound like une pessimiste, it is October in Paris...and we all know how reliable weather reports can be.

So I have my fingers crossed, but at the end of the day I am a realist, so I'll be packing an umbrella and a warm sweater.
Just in case!


Café Color



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Henrietta Hassinen said...

It was not so warm last week there. I was there 10 days and half of it was great and warm weather and other half with jacket and socks:)
Have fun and enjoy the atmosphere.

Andi said...

October is my favorite month of the year in Paris - I wish you wonderful weather and a even more wonderful time!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Have a fab time, how could you not though. Lucky lady to be able just to go there . Where are you staying?

Camille said...

If it helps, I know a place you can buy inexpensive yet very comfy and wrm boots should the need arise... ;)


Oh yes, do I remember that snow storm! Living in Versailles at that time, it took me 5 hours to get home from Plaisir (12 km) (by foot in the end, left the car 4 km from home). But yes, it was gorgeous outside :))
Hope the sun will be there, on the other hand... Paris is beautiful, any weather! Enjoy!

Ann Mah said...

You can never ever ever ever go wrong with an umbrella in Paris. Have a marvelous time!

Mlle Paradis said...

there's a reason they call it the city of lights.

have a great time!

La Torontoise said...

Have fun under the sun!

Greetings from Chicago!
I'm sampling the Windy City's deep dish pizza places:-) and steakhouses...

Loulou in France said...

Glad you had some sun and warm at least half the time. :)

Thanks my dear! I plan on having a fabulous time!

Loulou in France said...

My friends from New Orleans have exchanged their house for an apartment in the 11th. I know the neighborhood a bit, but am looking forward to finding some new places.

I know I can always count on you! Can't wait to see you!

Loulou in France said...

That's quite a story! I only had to get from the 15th to the 4th. The snow covered city was magical. :)

Thanks, sweetie. I'll miss seeing you...

Loulou in France said...

Mlle Paradis
Very true!

La Torontoise
That sounds delicious! I enjoyed Chicago when I visited many years ago.

CarolynB said...

Love your photos of Paris.

We too were there in Dec. 2010 - what a (beautiful) snowstorm!

Cheers and have a great weekend.

chiara said...

have a wonderful time Loulou... anyway, impossible to have less than a wonderful time in Paris!

Sarah said...

I'm going to live vicariously through you... If my job had remained the same, this Friday I'd be boarding a plane for a month in Paris. October is my favorite! I'll miss the changing leaves on the chestnut trees and chilly mornings with cafe au lait. Enjoy!

The Beaver said...

Loulou La Veinarde :-)

Enjoy your trip and waiting to see your beautiful pics.

Loulou in France said...

You were there too? It was amazing how quickly the snow stopped traffic and caused chaos, but it was so gorgeous!

Thank you!

Loulou in France said...

I'm sorry to hear that your plans fell through...hope you are able to get back to Paris soon!


Lost In Cheeseland said...

So bummed we missed each other! Hope you had a fantastic time - your sweet Normandy treated me famously!

Loulou in France said...

I am too but am so pleased that you enjoyed Normandy. Come back soon!