October 5, 2012

Postcard From Paris

Paris Pin It


French Girl in Seattle said...

Jolie carte postale (malgré l'échaffaudage...) Bon weekend, J. -- Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Ann Mah said...

Such lovely colors. Enjoy your visit!

La Torontoise said...

Lovely! This kind of cafe experiences inspires my travel plans for the next kids' vacation in the Netherlands. I'll be there in 3 weeks!! I'm booking the TGV now.

In the meantwhile,I keep sampling deep dish pizza and beef chops in the Wind City:-)

Lille said...

Oh la la! Can't wait to be there!


Loulou in France said...

The red caught my eye and allowed me to ignore the scaffolding. :)

Thanks my dear!

Loulou in France said...

la Torontaise
Hope you have a wonderful time!

I'm sure you look forward to every trip. Have a good one!