May 14, 2012

Le Château de Canisy

Château de Canisy - Painting

Château de Canisy

At the beginning of March I got a phone call that changed everything.

I was a day away from starting a new work contract and was thrilled to be done with the tediousness of updating my CV, writing lettres de motivation and thinking about what to say during a French job interview. We had recently moved into an adorable rental house and were feeling settled in Normandy.
So my immediate reaction was thanks, but no thanks.

A few days later they called again and explained more of what the job entailed. When I got home that night I had a look at the Château de Canisy's website and decided that this kind of opportunity doesn't just come along every day.

I called back the next day and agreed to an interview.
I figured if it didn't work out, at least it was a chance to see the inside of the place.

Château de Canisy


Canisy isn't a hotel in the traditional sense, it's more like a B&B that just happens to be a château. And it has a fascinating history that goes back almost 1000 years. 1000 years!
History that includes William the Conqueror, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette and Alexis de Tocqueville.

Now this is where I get to go to work every week.
Will somebody please pinch me?

Salon Canisy's Dining Room

Music Room

Château de Canisy

Château de Canisy

Château de Canisy

Château de Canisy

Château de Canisy

Château de Canisy Château de Canisy - stairs

On the water

Château de Canisy

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Jennifer F-American Mom in Bordeaux said...

Absolutely beautiful!! Congrats!

David said...

It's beautiful. But I would imagine it's rather hard to go back home at night!

Gertie K Costello said...

It looks absolutely wonderful! What do you do there, presumably something to do with food?!

Lindsey said...

Officially jealous! What an extraordinary space, something from the France coffee table books! Glad it's working out for you!

Forest said...

wow - just gorgeous!!

CWolfe said...

Congratulations and indeed, BRAVO!!

How very rewarding that the move has become an excellent decision in every way.

All the best.

Carina said...

Truly divine settings to be working in. Please share more.

melinda said...

glad to see pics....what a lovely chateau....what do u do for them??

Mem said...


Bradford said...

Stylistically different of course, but it reminds me of a place I stayed in Tuscany, the Castello di Brolio. So you plan to work at Le Chateau de Canisy? OK, since you asked for it, I will book a room there, track you down and pinch you!

jk said...

I have never commented here before but had to say...WOW!!!!
How absolutely fabulous is this
place. You are so lucky to be
working at this beautiful chateau.
And what an honor that they contacted you.
JK from the USA

Love your blog!!

The Beaver said...


Congratulations- I saw it on your LinkedIn profile but didn't want to spoil the surprise for your blog visitors

Belle de Ville said...

I want your job!

Angelina said...

Did taking this job mean you had to move or is it close enough that you can just drive there? Also - what work are you doing there? (If it's too private to share I totally understand!) It's a gorgeous place!

Tami said...

What a dream job! Congrats on landing such a wonderful opportunity. :)

aidan said...

Congratulations Jennifer. That is great news. Pinch indeed!
That copper tub looks so tempting.
aidan xo

Virginia said...

I'm speechless. I can't believe you will be here working. Congratulations my dear. Now let's open a virtual bottle of bubbly and celebrate!

Carla Coulson said...

Dream location...consider yourself pinched and enjoy your new job and it's luxe surrounds
Carla x

Jennifer said...

It is, truly.


Jennifer said...

It is especially hard after working a 15 hour day. I just want to find a bed, crawl into it, and pass out. :)
But generally, yes, some days I wish I could stay, if only to soak in one of the epic bathtubs.

Sometimes it is food related, but mainly I am there to assist the director of the Château. We welcome guests, make the reservations, give tours and take care of many, many other things.

Jennifer said...

Thanks! I am so pleased with how this all worked out and am so happy I took the leap of faith and had all those interviews.

It is incredible! The photos can't do it justice.

Jennifer said...

Many thanks! Yes, our move north seems to have been the right decision.

Divine is the right word!
What would you like to know? :)

Jennifer said...

I am the assistant to the director of the Château. We welcome guests, make the reservations, give tours and do many, many other things.
The job is a bit difficult to describe...


Jennifer said...

Yes, I work there now and I was just kidding about the pinching! :)

Thanks for stopping by to read and comment, and thank you for the congratulations!

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much!
Now you have to tell me your real name so I can say hi to you on LinkedIn.

Belle de Ville
If I ever decide to leave (which I doubt!), I'll let you know. :)

Jennifer said...

We're still living near Bayeux for the time being, but plan on moving closer to Canisy. Right now I have to drive about 45 minutes one way, which is too long and expensive.
The job is hard to describe, because it involves so many different things. Basically I'm the assistant to the director in charge of clientele.
Yes, it is a gorgeous place!

Many thanks!

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much!
Yes, that bathtub is scrumptious looking, isn't it? :)

Mille mercis! Santé!

Jennifer said...

It is dreamy! Thanks!