April 17, 2012

Le Grain d'Orge

Le Grain d'Orge

The alchemy that is cheesemaking never ceases to amaze me, and after five years of tasting French cheese, I'm convinced that cheesemakers should be revered for their imagination and talent.

Here in Normandy alone, they have given us La Crémeux du Mont-St-Michel, Livarot, Camembert and Le Pavé d'Auge, and I would like to personally thank them for each and every one.

Le Grain d'Orge

Now I've discovered Le Grain d'Orge, a sweet and salty, superb unpasteurized cow's milk cheese produced by the Fromagerie Graindorge in Livarot.

Oh my!

Every taste of this golden cheese reveals rich layers of yeast, salt, milk, mushrooms and a bit of caramel flavor. And to top it off, le Grain d'Orge is matured in the famous local spirit, Calvados, which adds a subtle flavor of sweet apple. The result is a cheese that is seriously irresistible.

The slight sweetness and rich, yeasty flavors would be a perfect match with hard apple cider.

Le Grain d'Orge

Le Grain d'Orge is available in the States. Ask for it at your local cheese counter or buy it online from Zabar's, WB Cheese or Gourmet-Food.com.

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The Celiac Husband said...

Yes, right along with my amateur wine studies, I need to pick up the basics for cheese as well.
Might work at the same time. So many treats, so little time.

spacedlaw said...


Jennifer said...

I agree! Cheese is a whole new world to discover.

Super miam!

Herbaholic said...

Oh my another one to try when we come back to France in August, I can see my waistline is going to expand, you've made it sound so delicious can't wait to try it, hope I can get some in the region we're staying in!

Murissa said...

Looks delicious!
So happy Spring is here now when I can sit on a deck of our local winery and devour a cheese plate with some accompanied wine in the sun!

I always so to my boyfriend when he leaves cheese out to dry...Respect the cheese!

The Wanderfull Traveler

Diane said...

I am getting to love all cheeses more and more! Diane

Liza in Ann Arbor said...

Great post! Who doesn't love cheese? I'm going to look for this one stateside. Can't wait to try it!

Michel said...

Thanks for the heads up. I will look for this cheese at our cheese shop.

Mary said...

Ohmygosh! I am SO going to go out and get some. My mouth is watering. It looks super scrumptious, and i can almost taste it. Gawd i adore cheese. Have never met one i didn't like. :)

Jennifer said...

Enjoy the cheese and walk a bit more to counter its effects. :)

That sounds wonderful! I wish that there had been wineries in the Languedoc that offered little cheese plates to nibble on while tasting. Enjoy spring!

Jennifer said...

It's unavoidable if you live in France.

Please let me know what you think!

Jennifer said...

Hope you find it. It's wonderful!

Then you'll love le Grain d'Orge.

Unknown said...

Oh man, my husband would go bananas over your photo. Me? Hand me a truffle-stuffed brillat savarin and I'm in heaven!

Ken Broadhurst said...

I've been eating Livarot for a week or two now. It's delicious. Now I'll have to look for Grain d'Orge.

Jennifer said...

Truffle stuffed Brillat Savarin? Not a bad choice, my friend. :)

We love Livarot too...it is similar, but I found that Grain d'Orge has more complex flavors. Let me know what you think when you find it.

Andi said...

Yum, I want to eat a big hunk of that with a bunch of grapes!

Jennifer said...

Mmmm....that sounds like a match made in heaven!

Anonymous said...

Just picked some up at Trader Joe's today! You are right--complex, interesting flavors, and great with an apple!

Jennifer said...

Glad you enjoyed it! :)