April 21, 2012

Happiness Is...


Rainy Day Window

Making pancakes and drinking Ilva's decadent, delicious hot chocolate while watching the rain fall.

Reading a story like this one.


Colorful cafés.

Reacquainting myself with an old friend.

white asparagus

carcassonne market

Asparagus and strawberries...signs of spring at the market.

The Duck bag.


Watching our cat discover grass for the first time.

Learning that marshmallows can help soothe a sore throat.

Maison Gosselin

A visit to Maison Gosselin - une épicerie exceptionnelle!
Many thanks to Karina for introducing me.

Pinterest. I'm hopelessly addicted.

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Diane said...

Great post, photos and links. Love the dog and the piglets and I am off to buy myself some marshmallows :) Diane

Half Baked said...

Your pictures make me happy and there is something completely addictive about Pinterest.

Jennifer said...

I plan on buying some too! :)

Half Baked
Thank you and yes, there is! In a wonderful way.

Murissa said...

Thanks for sharing your Pinterest profile!
I will follow you asap. I have just discovered it this month and it is so addicting.
Another app I just discovered is instagram which I am equally addicted to!
If you have instagram my profile name is wanderfullraveler

The Wanderfull Traveler

French Girl in Seattle said...

What a fun post! I looked at all your links. Since I am a [future] French bulldog owner - I hope - that video caught my heart ;-) Loved your photos of the fraises des bois (Miam!) and that old epicerie. Bon weekend! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

ChaumiereLesIris said...

Lovely, moody pictures

Bradford said...

I want those pancakes!

Sharon said...

What is it about Pinterest? it seems whenever I pin a French image it whizzes around the globe. The world is in love with France.

Sharon said...

Thank you - just looked at your pins and found Helene Dujardins blog - wonderful. Don't you just love the internet:-)

Sara Louise said...

I love lazy, rainy, weekend mornings :)

devis said...

Great posts and photo. Who else feels like a master card slogan. the little things in life, priceless.

Jennifer said...

Instagram looks great, but I don't have a smartphone. Nice seeing you on Pinterest!

I hope you get your French bulldog! How was your time in Paris?

Jennifer said...

Good mood-y. :)

They were delicious!

Jennifer said...

It seems like they are in love with France, I agree. Glad you're enjoying Pinterest as much as I am.

Me too! I stayed in my pj's all day on Sunday.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for your interest. I'll send you an email.

It seems like you actually read the post, that is why I published your comment. I usually don't when it is obvious that people comment just to leave a link to their site.

Andi said...

Oh it is so hard to find white asparagus here, and I love them!

Jennifer said...

I prefer the green, but the white are gorgeous right now.