December 29, 2011

Scenes from Normandy


We've been in Normandy for 11 days now and we haven't wasted a minute! 

Mont St-Michel

Andouille de Vire

Bayeux Cathedral

Le Port

American Cemetery



Le Bistro


Château de Maisons

Mont St-Michel Pin It


helen tilston said...

Great images

The clams are expensive compared to Florida prices

Happy New Year

angiemanzi said...

Thank you. Once again, one of my favorite spots on the planet. The pictures of Mont St Michel, those at the American cemetary, and all the bistros, I cannot wait to go back. Bonne Annee! et milles mercis

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Gorgeous photos. Loved looking at each and every one.

Lisa Gordon said...

These are wonderful images LouLou!
I wish you a very Happy New Year.

Michel said...

The pictures are beautiful. I hope to get to Mont St. Michel some day.

French Girl in Seattle said...

It looks like you are enjoying being a tourist in your new "région"... I hear the weather has been decent lately so you must be enjoying driving around. Are all the boxes unpacked yet or have you been too busy exploring? ;-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Sandy said...

How exciting and great pix!=)

Schnitzel and the Trout said...

The clams are far superior to Florida worth the price.

Mary said...

Okay, i actually squealed with delight when i looked at those pics, and.. i am a woman of a certain age! They're beautiful! Keep 'em comin'! I've only recently 'discovered' your site, and i am LOVING it.

A Green and Rosie Life said...

Great pictures as ever - you should have come and said hello when you were at Vire!

northbysudouest said...

Hello, the pictures on this post are great. I am an english chef who moved from the UK to the South West of France three years ago. We were told the cost of living would be cheaper than the UK before we arrived. But we have found that it it really isn't the case, clams and all!
You might like to have a look at my blog from down the bottom end of france! It't basically about our food adventures here...
I'll keep reading!

Andi said...

Oh yes, some of my very favorite Normandy "things"!

Anonymous said...

quelle andouille cette Loulou!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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Lauren Hunter said...

Bon Annee!!! Enjoy your new home!!! Many blessings in the coming year - still great posts and pictures coming from the North of France!

Louise said...

Such beautiful photos. We were lucky to visit Normandy in 98. I remember how amazing it was to see Mont St Michel

The beaver said...

Meilleurs Voeux pour une bonne Année Loulou.

Looks like you are enjoying good weather dans le Calvados :-)

Virginia said...

Oh I hope you will be very happy there. I hear Normandy is just beautiful. I'm already looking forward to seeing your photographs and hearing all about it.

Kate said...

I hope you love living there. It looks fabulous. Happy New Year!

Sara Louise said...

Your photos are beautiful! I hope you enjoy your new home :-)

Jennifer said...

They clams looked delicious but we opted for scallops.
Happy New Year!

You're very welcome!


Jennifer said...

Glad you enjoyed them. Bonne Année!

I had always wanted to go too. It is definitely worth the trip.

We're unpacked, but we didn't bring too much as we're staying in a gîte for the time being. We had house guests for 11 days, so it forced us to get out and explore!
Happy New Year!

Jennifer said...

It is exciting!

They did look delicious...too bad I don't like clams. :)

What a kind comment! Thank you and nice to meet you. Happy New Year!

Jennifer said...

Eco Gites
We'll make a trip to Vire in the future, don't worry. :)

Overall we have found that some things are less expensive here and others are more expensive than they were in the States.
Hope you're enjoying your life in the southwest and I look forward to reading your blog. Bonne Année!

Hope you get to come back soon!

Jennifer said...

Loved that sign, but can't stand the stuff.

Happy New year to you as well!

Glad you're enjoying them. I was so excited to finally see Mont St-Michel. What an amazing sight!

Jennifer said...

Bonne Année to you as well! We've been very lucky with the weather thus far...but we've only been here 2 weeks. :)

We're settling in very nicely and really loving the region.

Happy New Year to you! Hope your holidays were fun. It must have been strange to celebrate in Brazil?

Thank you, we're really enjoying it. :)

Amanda said...

Happy new year, full of new discoveries!

Katie Zeller said...

What's with all that blue sky?!? Haven't seen any of that down here.
Happy New Year - Looks like you're having a wonderful time - exploring your new area / home is always fun.

Jennifer said...

Bonne Année to you!

We've been extremely lucky (we assume) with the weather since we arrived. Either that or the locals tell everyone that the weather is awful to keep people from moving here. Who knows! Either way, we're very content with this move.
Hope you get some sun soon! Happy new Year!

ardiola said...

I will continue your job in Minervois, surely for the other people but still "chez.." is taken from you.
Good luck in Normandy, my husband used to live in Bretagne, it`s the similar charm, Iam your fan.

Jennifer said...

Enjoy living in the Minervois! It is such a beautiful place.