January 3, 2012

A Cheese That Will Convert Even the Most Adamant Cheese-o-Phobe

Pavé d'Auge

2012 was ushered in with a last minute, overnight trip to Paris followed by a teary goodbye to our friend from New Orleans on New Year's Day. I returned home with a head cold and a craving for some sleep and some cheese.

Our house had been a virtual cheese-free zone for nine days due to said house guest. He can't stand the aroma (or stench as he likes to call it), so before each of his visits I have to clear the fridge of any wayward fromage.

This time though, I think I may have converted him.

On a trip to the market one morning, I slipped a ripe local cheese into our shopping basket and hoped he wouldn't notice. By the time we finished lunch it was at the perfect temperature and had gone undetected by his olfactory receptors, so I served it with a fresh baguette and hoped for the best.

He ate more than half of it.

Pavé d'Auge

I have Le Pavé d'Auge to thank for this amazing conversion.

Le Pavé is an unpasteurized (sometimes lait thermisé) cow's milk cheese that is produced here in Calvados.
Its medium strong flavor, which gets stronger if it is aged more than 2-3 months, is rich with yeast and mushrooms and is mildly salty. It has a full, buttery texture and a fairly heady, meaty aroma.
It reminded me of Pônt l'Evêque, though I prefer le Pavé. I think it can perform miracles.

Enjoy with Normandy cider, some Champagne or a Bourgueil.
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