June 2, 2011

Photo du Jour - Waiting For a Train

La Gare

Waiting to pick up my husband from the 20:17 train in Narbonne.
I've been to this station dozens of times, but it wasn't until I took this photo that I noticed the station was painted pink! Pin It


Kristin said...

Hi! Isn't that just one of the beautiful things by taking photos? Happy Thursday!


Sandy said...

I was just there and I didn't notice it either!=)

Bienvenue chez French Girl in Seattle... said...

Bonjour! I am a new reader and signed up as a follower last night after I browsed through your wonderful blog. My family is originally from Southern France (Mèze/Montpellier) and I remember very well the Narbonne train station. I looked at the picture this morning and thought that's exactly what Seattle needs in the spring: more buildings painted pink! Spring has been exceptionally chilly and wet here and I can't wait to travel home this summer. Looking forward to reading more posts from you. A bientôt. Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle. www.frenchgirlinseattle.blogspot.com

aimee said...

I love French train stations. This brings back memories:-)

Vagabonde said...

Another coincidence, my current post is about trains in France. Unfortunately I have not seen pink walled stations here in the US – they do have some grandiose stations though as in New York and Washington DC. I’d love to be in Narbonne right now.

Chez Loulou said...

It is!

Hope you had a great visit. Sorry we missed each other. Next time!

French Girl
Bonjour! Welcome and thanks for signing up as a follower. Yes, there are times when Seattle could definitely use a bit more color. :) I lived there for 12 years and remember a lot of grey. A bientôt!

I love them too. And I love taking the train!

I'll have to remember to look and see if any others in the region are painted pink.
I really enjoyed your train post!