May 31, 2011

Life in the South of France

Lentil Salad

"Is this all you guys do around here? Eat and drink?"

I look at their faces, the lines of consternation etched in their foreheads and I glance down at the table strewn with dishes, empty wine glasses, empty bottles and bagutte crumbs.
The typical scene after a 6 hour Sunday lunch.

Our friends and family visiting from the States are often taken aback by our long lunches and the way we savor food and wine. I think they find it very decadent.

No, I tell them, it's not all we do...

Sunday lunch

I work during the summer tourist season. I walk the dogs. I go to the bank and to the market and to the grocery store.
We get the oil changed in the car, deal with flat tires and French bureaucracy, have dentist and doctor appointments and run errands like normal people.

summer lunch

No, it's not all we do...

However we do try our best to enjoy life to its fullest, and eating and drinking falls under that category.

And with the help of our friends and neighbors, the region's vignerons, and our local chèvre and olive oil producers, that is a very easy thing to do!

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