March 31, 2011

le Minervois

A Shady SpotRipening Olives
Dolmen des FadosKnocker
Le Minervois. Where I live.

It is a region of breathtaking natural beauty, superb wine and history so old I can hardly get my head around it. 
And I admit that I sometimes take it for granted.
Blue DoorWisteria at Chateau Ventenac
Tower of the Château de CesserasFigs in late August
When I was recently offered an opportunity to move up north to Normandy, it forced me to look around the Minervois and see it with fresh eyes.

Right now the almond trees are covered in fluffy, white flowers and little leaves are starting to sprout on the fig trees. Soon, boats will be gliding down the Canal du Midi and the seasonal restaurants will open their doors.
Tomme de MaquisLa Livinière church
Olonzac Market Day Village Vineyards in August
The vignerons are busy tending their vines and our neighbors have thrown open their windows to let the fresh air inside. The café terraces are filling up as the weather slowly gets warmer and rosé is replacing red as the preferred apéritif

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@pro_vence said...

Sooo beautiful region and sooo beautiful pictures - wow what a whisteria !

Alma said...

You are so lucky to live there...

ckb said...

Normandy is very damp and gray. The Midi is better I'm sure -- unless, like me, you have allergies to southern plants and pollen. Right now the Loire Valley is also very wet and gray.

Mlle Paradis said...

oh! big sigh. it's just lovely! lucky you!

Unknown said...

Isn't that how it always is? Often I have to leave Paris to truly appreciate it and then I fall in love all over again :) Glad you're content with your decision to stay put. Hope one day we'll meet in Paris!

Susan said...


paris (im)perfect said...

Breathtaking! So glad you're able to see your beautiful area with new eyes now. (Also, nothing against Normandy, but I really like the sun!)

Sharon T said...

I love seeing your photos. We will be seeing it in person in October as we travel through the country. I am imagining that it is lovely in the fall too (at least I hope so!)

Anonymous said...

you are never allowed to leave...heee...heee - you are my link to a beautiful place.

PigletinFrance said...

Simply beautiful!

MummyinProvence said...

We are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world! Thank you for reminding me that it really is special :)

Quebec cheesehound said...

Je me souviens - the Minervois is truly a breathtaking part of the Languedoc. You are truly so fortunate to be able ro bad in is splendor.

Jennifer said...

The wisteria is just starting to bloom and I saw some poppies today too.

I agree! It is a wonderful place to live.

Not sure we could live in Normandy, but we loved the Loire when we were there in October.
I know what you mean about allergies, my husband and I both suffer horribly from the plane tree pollen in the late spring.

Mlle Paradis
The warmer weather and sun is a welcome treat after the long winter. :)

It think that is absolutely how it is. As soon as we drove back from Normandy last week I had much more appreciation for our home down here.
We will definitely have to meet the next time I'm in Paris. Looking forward to it!


Paris (im)perfect
Glad you enjoyed the photos and yes, I like the sun too. :)
(Though I am tired of the brutally hot summers here in the south!)

Autumn here is my all time favorite time of year in the Minervois! The colors are spectacular and the weather is often perfect. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

Well, I can't promise, but if something were to change, I would be sure to let you know.
Glad to know that you appreciate the beauty too!

Thank you!

Sometimes I forget to appreciate how much beauty is around us. Thank you for letting me know that I helped to remind you too. :)

Yes, I feel very fortunate to be here!

Anonymous said...

Wait... move to Normandy?!? Another cheese job? ;)

Jennifer said...

No cheese this time. :) I'll tell you all about it the next time I see you.

Figs, Bay, Wine said...

Oh how lucky you are. So no Normandy for now? I'm not sure how anyone could bear to leave where you are. And I just read wisteria and poppies too? Sigh.

Grace said...

What a stunningly beautiful place to live! It always seems that you must leave a place (or think about leaving) in order to truly appreciate it. I left Philadelphia for New York for college, and my friends here are always amazed at how much I continue to rave about Philly. Although the weather here lately is making me want to leave both of them behind for Le Minervois!

Jennifer said...

Figs, Bay, Wine
No, no Normandy for now. I don't think it is the place for us.
Yes, the poppies and wisteria are blooming. The colors are amazing!

The weather here is a bit better than the East Coast...