April 2, 2011

La Fête du Fromage - Lou Sotch and Demi-Lune de Chèvre

Lou Sotch


This week I'm sharing not just one, but two disappointing cheeses from the highly respected fromagerie in Paris, Androuët.

The first, Lou Sotch, is an unpasteurized ewe's milk cheese from Aveyron. The description reads: creamy and smooth. This one was not creamy, nor was it smooth. It had a hard and flaky texture and the flavor was extremely sharp and prickly.
It was still edible, but only just.

The second photo is Demi-Lune de Chèvre. This is supposed to be a fresh, young fromage de chèvre. "L'affinage de ce fromage donne une pâte douce et crémeuse."*
Well, this one was like eating sand; crumbly, grainy and hard. Too hard.
It was dry and tacky. It wasn't nice.

In my opinion, both of these cheeses were past their prime and should not have been sold.
I know, I know, caveat emptor.
Call me crazy, but I believe that a Maître Fromager** should educate his or her staff on the cheeses sold in the shop and they should have enough knowledge to recognize when a cheese is practically inedible.

The next time I'm in Paris I will go back to Androuët. But I will be very careful before purchasing.

*The maturing of this cheese creates a smooth, creamy interior.
**Master Cheese Expert  (a difficult title to translate) Pin It
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