March 31, 2011

le Minervois

A Shady SpotRipening Olives
Dolmen des FadosKnocker
Le Minervois. Where I live.

It is a region of breathtaking natural beauty, superb wine and history so old I can hardly get my head around it. 
And I admit that I sometimes take it for granted.
Blue DoorWisteria at Chateau Ventenac
Tower of the Château de CesserasFigs in late August
When I was recently offered an opportunity to move up north to Normandy, it forced me to look around the Minervois and see it with fresh eyes.

Right now the almond trees are covered in fluffy, white flowers and little leaves are starting to sprout on the fig trees. Soon, boats will be gliding down the Canal du Midi and the seasonal restaurants will open their doors.
Tomme de MaquisLa Livinière church
Olonzac Market Day Village Vineyards in August
The vignerons are busy tending their vines and our neighbors have thrown open their windows to let the fresh air inside. The café terraces are filling up as the weather slowly gets warmer and rosé is replacing red as the preferred apéritif

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