December 18, 2010

Weekend Links

Fish and Ships

Sometimes things get lost in translation.
To try to keep myself from making silly mistakes, I read the blog French Word-A-Day.  It has always helped me keep my foot out of my mouth (except for the time I told our friends that they had une truite (a trout) in their ceiling, when I meant to say une fuite (a leak) - oops!) by keeping me up to date with current French expressions and colloquialisms. 

Jamie's brilliant review of Quiches, Kugels and Couscous: My Search for Jewish Cooking in France by Joan Nathan was just the enticement I needed to order myself a copy.  A great read and a great cookbook!

Apple desserts are a no-brainer in the autumn, but I think they deserve further consideration during the winter.  My favorite French Apple Cake, Dorie Greenspan's Apple Cake, a ridiculously easy Baked Apple Crunch and a classic French Tarte aux Pommes are four fantastic recipes to try.

This has to be the most decadent hot chocolate ever. 

For me, it just wouldn't be Christmas without watching this SNL skit and listening to this song.
Happy Holidays!

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