December 15, 2010

La Fête du Fromage - Brebis Basque

Brebis Basque

This was definitely not my favorite French cheese.

I expect cheeses from the Pays Basque to have well-rounded, seductive flavors.  Brebis Basque had neither.

While it did have fairly pleasant, mild (and I mean mild!) flavors of honey and walnuts and a sweet, buttery aroma, overall I though this unpasteurized ewe's milk cheese was rather insipid.

"C'est la vie," as they say.

Brebis Basque
I love how the rind looks like snakeskin!

It is worth noting that every other cheese I've tasted from the Basque region has been a delight!
Ossau-Iraty, Bleu des Basques and Etorki are absolutely worth trying, and the sublime Tome Basque is one of the best cheeses I've ever had. Pin It
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