December 15, 2010

La Fête du Fromage - Brebis Basque

Brebis Basque

This was definitely not my favorite French cheese.

I expect cheeses from the Pays Basque to have well-rounded, seductive flavors.  Brebis Basque had neither.

While it did have fairly pleasant, mild (and I mean mild!) flavors of honey and walnuts and a sweet, buttery aroma, overall I though this unpasteurized ewe's milk cheese was rather insipid.

"C'est la vie," as they say.

Brebis Basque
I love how the rind looks like snakeskin!

It is worth noting that every other cheese I've tasted from the Basque region has been a delight!
Ossau-Iraty, Bleu des Basques and Etorki are absolutely worth trying, and the sublime Tome Basque is one of the best cheeses I've ever had. Pin It


Michel said...

Thanks for sampling the cheese and sharing your feedback with the rest of us; I have made a note for future cheese shopping to avoid this one.

Brenna said...

Man oh man do I hate cheese let-downs.

Diane said...

Thanks I have made a note to leave this cheese off my shopping list:) Diane

Anonymous said...

I've been let down by some brebis basques, too, although I've had some that are divine, as well. sometimes I wish the naming was a little more standardized...

ana mungioli said...

I thought the exactaly same thing about the snakeskin!!!! Impressive!

The Beaver said...


Le Brebis Basque is NOT le p'tit Basque, right ???
It looks a bit like the Spanish Manchego

Jennifer said...

If you like mild fromage de brebis, then you might like this one. I found it much too boring!

Me too! I've had a few over the years, but not too many.

Like I said to chcmichel above, you might like it if you like really mild cheeses...

I've bought many brebis from this region and they've all been pretty good. This one was just plain blah!
It's hard to know who is making which cheese, so hard to know the good from the boring.

isn't the rind so cool looking!

No, not the same cheese. It didn't taste anything like Manchego...lacked that depth of flavor.