July 15, 2010

La Fête du Fromage - Tomme de la Cavalerie

Aveyron cheeses never fail to surprise me.
The farmers and fromagers from this picturesque and sparsely populated region produce a stunning array of delicious cow, sheep and goat cheeses.  Cheeses of every texture, affinage and even color are made here.

Take your pick.  Fantastic fromages de chèvre include the creamy little Cabécou de l'Aveyron and the very bold Saint-Christophe.  High on the Plateau du Larzac, where sheep outnumber people, you'll find the world famous Roquefort caves.
This is the region of one of my favorite blues, Bleu des Causses, and rustic and earthy unpasteurized ewe's milk cheeses such as Galette du Larzac and Brebis du Larzac.  The buttery smooth Tomme de Brenac is a superb fromage de vache, or if you like to mix it up a little, try the half cow, half goat cheese, le Petit Campredon.

Tomme de la Cavalerie is another Aveyron charmer.  It is produced in the region surrounding Millau, near the small town of La Cavalerie, which is famous for being a stronghold of the Knights Templar.
This cheese is super buttery, rich and yeasty, with a perfect amount of salt to balance the flavors.  It is an unpasteurized fromage de vache with a slight buttery and milky aroma and mild, exquisite flavor.  I loved it!

A glass of local Minervois red was a great match, and I imagine that Marcillac would be good as well.

Other Aveyron cheeses:
le Lacandou
la Marotte
Pérail du Larzac

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