July 11, 2010

Blog Notes and Links

My guest post for Andi's French Friday series on her blog, Misadventures With Andi, was posted the other day: Beyond Paris:  My South of France.
A huge merci to Andi for including me in the series!

If you are a cheese lover or a francophile and have the photos to prove it, then please come and join one or more of the Flickr groups that I administer.
French Cheese
La Fête du Fromage
French Markets
French Windows
Colors of the Languedoc - of which I am the only member!  How sad is that?

I still sometimes get questions about how many French cheeses I've tasted for La Fête du Fromage.  I've put a link to the entire list - all 177 and counting - under the "Pages" category. 

Our house is still available if you're looking for a place in the south of France, and I've added another house for sale to the sidebar.  Sadly our friends are moving away and need to sell their charming home with a garden and terrace in Saint-Thibéry, located about 15 minutes from the beaches near Cap d'Agde.

If you've ever asked yourself (or someone already living in France - you wouldn't believe how many emails I get on this subject) the question, Should I Move to France?, then David Lebovitz's post might help you come up with a definitive answer.  

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Betty Carlson said...

That café photo reminds me a LOT of the one I posted a couple weeks back with the blue chairs...

Wow, you administer all of those Flickr groups? Have you noticed I post faithfully to French windows, although mainly off-beat and weird images!

Sorry about the Languedoc group -- I will immediately join and post some of my photos from that area!

Jennifer said...

I love café chairs!

I did notice your photos on French windows and I love the quirky shots you take of out of the way places.
Thanks for joining the Languedoc group!