May 30, 2010

Sunday Links

A daily read that will lift your spirits, Misadventures With Andi, written by wannabe Frenchie Andi.  In honor of last Sunday's Fête du Fromage in Rocamadour, Andi asked me to write a guest post about French cheese and my Fête du Fromage, which I was happy to do!

Lucy shares some edible flower magic.

The easiest and most delicious looking recipe for happiness.

I so wish I could sew

Wendy Lyn (with the help of Susan Herrmann Loomis) tastes a seasonal tart that I am simply drooling over.

La Ferme du Vinage, who produces the cheese I tasted this week, le Carré du Vinage, did a fantastic write up about Chez Loulou and la Fête du Fromage.  I didn't have the heart to tell them that I'm not une anglaise...
(update:  they must have read this as they have corrected it - I am now une américaine)

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Betty C. said...

I wanted to leave a comment telling La Ferme that you were American, but they don't seem to have comments enabled. Oh well, still a very nice write-up.

Ilva said...

Thank you baby!

Chiara said...

I love cheese too...ou have a wonderful blog, I add to my favourits...have a nice week

Leesa said...

I just have to say that the inside of the cheese, melting like that inside-- LOOKS DELISH!!!!!!

Tuula said...

Thanks for sharing! The cheese looks really yummy...& wish I could sew too (or at least had the time to learn!).

Chez Loulou said...

Maybe they saw this post because the next morning it was changed to 'une américaine." Thankfully!

You're more thank welcome! I loved that post and the recipe.

Thank you! Glad to hear from another cheese lover. :)

Isn't that the most mouthwatering thing?

I've never had the desire to sew, but after seeing those cute bags I might have to learn!