May 28, 2010

South of France Poppies

They've been popping up everywhere.  A single stem on the side of the road, a wide red ribbon at the edge of a vineyard, an entire field bordered by plane trees and sun faded stone buildings.

Poppies.  Coquelicots.
The flower of May.

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Louise said...

Thanks for the poppy photos. They look amazing. I've only visited France once, but it was in May and the poppies were out. It makes me nostalgic for that trip. Thankfully my next trip is a few short weeks away, and I can't wait.

Pumpkin said...

I miss all the poppys on the side of the highways around Strasbourg.

Thank you for sharing. Gorgeous photos!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Thanks Loulou... Amazing photos.. I would love to see the fields one day.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning!

FB @ said...

This is gorgeous. Seriously beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Nanette said...

Poppies and Drag Queens - such beauty and extremes!

Jocelyn said...

Just beautiful! I would love to see this in person :)

Nadege said...

You are so lucky!
I hope all is well with your husband.

Graham said...

Poppies grow at the greatest density on recently tilled or dug-up land land. It seems that there is more of this about in the past couple of years - the increased pulling up of vineyards for example.

Ken Broadhurst said...

Very nice photos. Your weather is better and warmer down south. Our poppies are just barely starting. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

Chez Loulou said...

You're very welcome!
Hope you have a wonderful trip to France.

Glad you like the photos. no poppies in Switzerland?

They are a gorgeous sight. Glad you enjoyed them!

Merci. They seem to be very prolific this year, so I've had some great photo ops

and you're welcome. :)

No kidding! lol

Book your trip for next May!

He's doing well, thank you. He's very busy doing kiné during the week. Packing a picnic and going to see him today.

There are less and less vines every year. Sad to see the vines go, but it sure makes for a beautiful month of May.

Glad you enjoyed them. I look forward to seeing yours when ours have gone.

Leesa said...

OMG!!! Every year I DREAM of finding a field of wild poppies... We're never in the right spot.. But you sure ARE!!

Thanks SOOO much for your gorgeous pics... If you don't mind... I'm going to use one on my blog to link to yours...
Let me know if you mind and I'll take it down..

Happy Sunday,

Andrea said...

Gorgeous photos! Hopefully I'll get to see a poppy field like that with my own eyes one day :)

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I thought we had a lot of poppies here but nothing as amazing as that. Wonderful pictures. Diane

Chez Loulou said...

No, I don't mind! Thanks for asking. :)
You wrote a very nice post about the poppies - I appreciate it!

I hope you do too. Come to the south of France next May!

Glad you like the photos.
I remember the beautiful fields of yellow mustard when I lived in the Charente.

Paola said...

My goodness! That is just amazing! Who wouldn't smile at that sight?
PS: Just six more weeks and I can admire the beauty of my beloved France with my own eyes again! :)

Chez Loulou said...

Where in France will you be going this year?

Paola said...

Actually, we'll be visiting the same place we did last year- Duras! We'll probably be exploring a little further south into the Basque region though. Missed it last year! Maybe check out Toulouse as well. :)

Chez Loulou said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip. Toulouse is a great city! You should try to go.