April 14, 2010

La Fête du Fromage - Le Petit Camelot

There are so many reasons to visit the Languedoc-Roussillon. The stunning scenery, the Mediterranean beaches, the Cassoulet, the wine.
And the cheese.

Not quite sure why I never bothered to buy a little disc or two of Le Petit Camelot before this week, especially after falling in love with their cool-looking, snake skin textured cheese, L'Écu, a couple of years ago.
It's sold at various fromageries in Béziers, Narbonne and Carcassonne, and wine/olive/produits du terroir shops in the region, so I have had the chance numerous times.

Better late than never, I always say.

Le Petit Camelot is produced on the farm where I was able to source the goat's milk to make my own cheese last week. After tasting this one I'm convinced that they produce some of the most delicate, delicious and delightful fromages de chèvre in the Languedoc.

The flavor is that of soft, fresh milk, with a slight tang, well-balanced and not at all goaty. I envision it spread on some walnut bread and drizzled with some acacia honey. Or maybe stuffed into ripe tomatoes and sprinkled with some minced chives and garlic.

But it was superb on its own - simple and sweet. Enjoyed with a glass of red wine from just down the road.

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martha said...

I'm beginning to think the problem with France and cheese is: how do you taste all the as-yet unknown ones while staying au courant with old friends? What a difficult life you have?

Unknown said...

LouLou - you ever have any wines from the tiny Bandol region on the Med coast e of you? Domaine Tempier is a real fav of mine for its fruity red!! I put together a case for aging 5-6 yrs!

Jennifer said...

Yes, a very difficult life. :)
(I manage to stay connected with "old friends" while making some new friends as well.)

Yes, that is a nice little wine region. I'll make a note of your recommendation, thanks!

spacedlaw said...

It's like reading again some well loved books while still discovering new ones...

Jennifer said...

yes, exactly like that.