April 15, 2010

La Fête du Fromage - April Round Up

Well, it's a bit silly to call it a "Round Up," as I only received a single entry this month. However, the entry was a cheese that I've been excited about tasting for quite some time now.

Thanks to Camille for joining in April's La Fête du Fromage International Cheese Tasting Event and convincing me that the next time I come across Fribourg d’Alpage, I must buy a wedge. A big wedge.
She describes this cow's milk, Gruyère-style cheese from the Alps as complex and having "nutty, rich characteristics" and as "earthy, grassy, nutty, salty, with a hint of tang and a finish that leaves you salivating for more."
Wow! Sounds wonderful!


My contribution is Cantal Vieux, or "aged Cantal." I wrote about it's younger incarnation, Cantal Entre-Deux, three years ago and must say that if given a choice between the two, Cantal Vieux wins hands down.
This version, aged anywhere from six to fourteen months, is a bit drier and crumblier, with rich hazelnut and grassy flavors. One of those perfectly balanced, lovely French cheeses that is very easy to fall head over heels with.


I'm undecided whether to continue doing this monthly Cheese Tasting Event or not. Interest seems to have lagged, so this month might be the last. I'll decide in a few days if I should keep it going.
Of course, my weekly Fête du Fromage will continue. 167 cheeses tasted. Many, many left to go!

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