February 15, 2010

Gumbo Weather

Temperatures to drop down into the 30's again tonight. That's gumbo weather here in New Orleans.

The American Sector is the newest restaurant by award winning, local chef John Besh.
I'm no expert on gumbo, but a big bowl of his delicious, velvety rich shrimp and homemade sausage gumbo is just the thing to warm you up on days like these. Pin It


Giovanna said...

I'm enjoying these posts so much, as I was in NO the week before you arrived (got to watch the euphoria after the Saints beat the Vikings). I visited many of the same restaurants (loved Cochon Butcher--the boiled peanuts! All that pork!).

And--I ate this very gumbo, as well as the Sector Jacks for dessert: housemade cracker jack (yes, in a box, with a prize) to sprinkle on ice cream.

Nadege said...

That looks like it will warm up your body and soul. Enjoy!

Sandy said...

I will be going to New Orleans for the first time next month. I will have to go try. Merci.=)

HereBeDragons said...

Indeed. I LOVE gumbo! Miss Cajun cooking.

Loulou said...

Thank you!
Missed dessert at the American Sector as I was just too full. My friends live a block away so the next time I visit I'll be trying the Crackerjack. Sounds great!

Oh it did! Cold here in France too so I plan on making some gumbo this week.

ENJOY! Let me know if you need any restaurant recommendations. I seriously ate so well on this trip. Every meal was superb.

I love it too! You should make some to cure your craving.