February 18, 2010

Craving French Cheese

Been away from home for three weeks now.

As I sit here cramming bottles of Crystal hot sauce, Community coffee with chicory, comfortable pj's from Target, cookbooks, DVD's and new shoes into my bags I can feel the excitement building.
After the boring, 20 hour journey back to France I will be happily greeted by my little family of five and plan on getting either a button of chèvre or a wedge of Comté in my hands as soon as possible.

In a perfect world I would be able to get one of these in France...I guess life is all about trade offs.

For now I'm happy with French cheese. And a glass of wine.
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Anonymous said...

Are those sweet potato fries? Yum!!! Although the cheese and wine is certainly a fair trade-off.

Nadege said...

You have (had) the best of both worlds.

Half Baked said...

we definitely lack in the cheese area here in the US!

Betty C. said...

It's funny, I never really miss cheese or other French food in the USA, and never miss American food here. I guess I just enjoy where and when I can.

Hope you made it back fine! :)

Ryan O'Vineyards said...

Add unscented deodorant to my shopping the USA wishlist. There's no market in France for deodorant. They buy REodorant.

new orleans bankruptcy attorney said...

French cheese! Oh, one of my weaknesses.

Anonymous said...

Like youI ADORE French cheese but when I go back to England I cannot get enough of good old English Cheddar. I dont buy it in France because a) it is not the same and b)missing it hightens the anticipation and pleasure for when I go back. As they say - absence makes the heart grow fonder.
I hope you made it back ok and have managed to tuck into some lovely french cheese again!

Loulou said...

Yes, they are! So delicious.

I agree. :)

Half Baked
It seems to be getting better, depending on where you live. And there are some great mail order cheese companies in the States to satisfy cravings.

Don't you just crave Dungeness crab sometimes though? :)

Wish I would have thought of that! It is weird that you can't get it in France

new orleans
Mine too

I plan to as soon as I get home!

Betty C. said...

loulou -- I never even eat Dungeness crab in Washington anymore because it's gotten so expensive!

Loulou said...

That is sad to hear. I remember eating pounds of the stuff during its season. Cold, cracked claws dipped in clarified butter. Yum!

Paulita said...

Good thing you don't have to choose between the two. Yummy cheese in France and that plate full of goodness in New Orleans. Each makes my taste buds sizzle. Have a safe trip home. (Is it home or do you say that when you head to the States?)

Loulou said...

I call France "home" :)

Sara Louise said...

That po' boy sure does look tasty!
I'm heading back stateside in three weeks and even though I love the food here in France, I do have a list of places I need to eat while I'm back home. They'll have to roll me back on the plane =)

cookeaze said...

My lovable cheese and iam interested to discover more with it.Hope this recipe will help a lot in doing so.Wonderful posts!

Loulou said...

I have a list as well!
Didn't have a single disappointing meal this year, not in California, Las Vegas or New Orleans. Had some wonderful, very authentic Chinese one night, lots of Mexican lunches and everything I ate in New Orleans was sublime.
Hope you enjoy your trip and that the seat belt isn't too tight when you fly back to France. :)

Glad that you're enjoying reading about French cheese. Thanks for commenting.