February 8, 2010

Black and Gold

I'm not a football fan. Never have been and probably never will be.
But I am a huge fan of New Orleans. And the Saints have done them proud!

Last but not least, a photo of a serious fan...

Just another naturally N'Awlins moment. Pin It


spacedlaw said...

They've picked up some very flashy colours! All the better for pictures, of course (and carnival)

Nadege said...

Congratulations to the Saint.
What a big party it must have been.

Sur les Remparts said...

Today I saw your husband, he is fine and very happy for New orleans and the saint. Enjoye the party.

Betty C. said...

I love these photos -- so American, so fun -- I'm glad you're having such a grand time:

Sandy said...

Fun fun fun in N.O. go Saints. I am not a football fan either but I am happy they won. Great photos. Especially, the drag queen in a football uniform.

Loulou said...

New Orleans is never subtle!

You could hear the entire city screaming with joy. People were dancing in the streets and hugging each other. It was amazing!

Thanks for letting me know and thank you for taking Barrie some soup.
It is a very special event for New Orleans. Ron and Michael say hello! Bisous

Thanks! The town is seriously going crazy. It is great to be here to witness it all!
Hope you are well!

She was quite a sight! :)

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Only in New Orleans! What an amazing time to be there - for the Saints win and now Mardi Gras. You've going to have a wonderful colleciton of photos!

Anonymous said...

Hi Im also in the process of obtaining french citizenship while living in France for over 14 years, have received the official ministry dossier letter last year too, and stumbled onto your blog.

Any news recently or are you waiting out the 12 month time period patiently? Have you heard of anyone getting their citizenship in less time than 12 months?


Loulou said...

It was an AMAZING time to be in New Orleans. Such celebration! The city needs some positive energy.

My citizenship came through in about 18 months, but there were delays for reasons that were out of my control.
I am going to pick up the final dossier this week.
Never heard of anyone getting it in less than 12 months.
Good luck! :)