January 27, 2010

California and Louisiana (and Vegas, baby!)

Here it is Wednesday already, which usually means some delicious French cheese tasting for la Fête du Fromage. Not this week, however.
Tomorrow morning my annual trek back to the States begins bright and early, so the cheese has been put on hold until I return to la belle France in a few weeks.

First I'm heading to my sister's house in California to see my nieces, nephews, brother in law and this wonderful object. I've missed it so much. Yes, I've also missed my family, but if you knew this coffee maker you would know why I'm so smitten.
I'm hoping the weather will be as gorgeous as it was the last time I was there.

And we'll be taking a little side trip to Vegas, baby!

Then on to New Orleans for some good times with great friends. Not to mention a fried shrimp po' boy or two, some red beans and rice, bacon pralines, crayfish anything and lots of decadence for Mardi Gras.
All that AND the New Orleans Saints are playing in the Superbowl this year. It is going to be crazy!

Look for many stories and photos from the road.

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