January 30, 2010

Photo du Jour - Tacos

My flight finally landed at 1 o'clock Friday morning in San Francisco. I slept for a few hours and by noon my sister and I were polishing off carnitas and chicken tacos at Taqueria los Gordos in Aptos, California.
What a fantastic way to start my trip! Pin It


SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Looks delicious! I love good Mexican food.

Betty C. said...

Nice new header....I still wonder about changing mine.

Anonymous said...

Two words: Tacos. Want.

(Totally awesome word verification: cookis)

Nadege said...

Wasn't this place recommended by David Lebovitz?
It must feel so good to be back in the US. Have a wonderful time!

Loulou said...

Me too! It is one of the things I miss most. Every time I'm in the States I try to eat as much Mexican and Chinese as I can!

Glad you like it.
I love your header!

My sister and I are going back a couple more times before I leave for New Orleans. Must get my fix!

No, recommended by my sister! :)
It is good to see my family and enjoy some of the things I don't get in France.
Thanks for the good wishes!

cynthia caughey said...

Since I live in the French Alps I can't get decent Mexican food so that photo made me drool and miss a good enchilada more than usual. I head back to California in a month where Ill definitely get some Mexican cuisine. Cynthia in the French Alps

Loulou said...

Hope you get your fill in California. I've been working hard to get mine!